Margrit Rosenberg Stenge

Margrit Rosenberg Stenge was born in Cologne, Germany and escaped to Oslo, Norway with her parents in 1939. The family survived the war, first in hiding in a small mountain village in Norway called Rogne, and from January 1943 until the end of the war in Malmö, Sweden. In the early summer of 1945 the family returned to Oslo where Margrit finished high school and then attended a commercial college for one year, specializing in languages, before becoming a secretary in foreign languages for about a year and a half. In August 1951 she and her husband moved to Canada and settled in Montreal. Norway, its people and language have remained very important to Margrit, and over the years she has visited returned countless times. In 1996 on a visit to Margrit was given a book by a Holocaust survivor and after reading it she decided to translate it. Since that first book, she has translated the following memoirs, “Fire and light” (Ilden og lyset) by Herman Kahan/Knut M. Hansson, “I did not want to die” (Jeg ville ikke dø) by Robert Savosnick/Hans Mien, and “Prisoner No. 79108 returns” (Fange Nr. 79108 vender tilbake) by Kai Feinberg. She has translated several other books about the Holocaust, “Physician for life” (Lege for livet) by Magne Skjæråsen (co-translated with M. Elron), “On such a night” (I slik en natt), by Kristian Ottosen, and “The women's camp” (Kvinneleiren) by Kristian Ottosen. She has also translated (from Norwegian) “Every Second Counts” by Richard Oestermann (true stories from Israel) published by Gefen Publishing House, Jerusalem and is in the process of translating another book by Kristian Ottosen, “Life and death - the story of the Sachsenhausen prisoners” (Liv og död – historien om Sachsenhausen fangene).