M26/M46 Pershing Tank 1943–53

M26/M46 Pershing Tank 1943–53

New Vanguard 35
  • Author: Steven J. Zaloga
  • Illustrator: Tony Bryan, Jim Laurier
  • Short code: NVG 35
  • Publication Date: 25 Nov 2000
  • Number of Pages: 48
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From the moment that the M4 Sherman had been matched against German Panther and Tiger tanks, the American tank crews had known that their vehicles were outclassed by the opposition. What was needed was a more powerful tank, more heavily armed and armored, that could take-on the powerful German panzers on a more equal footing. Although it took time to develop by the latter months of the war numbers of M26 Pershing tanks were reaching the frontline US armored units. Well armored and with a powerful 90mm gun the Pershing was a match for any tank in the German order of battle.

Biographical Note

Steven J. Zaloga was born in 1952, received his BA in history from Union College, and his MA from Columbia University. He has published numerous books and articles dealing with modern military technology, especially armoured vehicle development. His main area of interest is military affairs in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in the Second World War, and he has also written extensively on American armoured forces.Tony Bryan is a freelance illustrator of many years experience with a keen interest in military hardware - armour, small arms, aircraft and ships. Jim Laurier is a native of New Hampshire. Jim is a Fellow member of the American Society of Aviation Artists, the New York Society of Illustrators and the American Fighter Aces Association.


Introduction Developmental of the M26 Pershing tank Combat record of the M26 in WWII Development of the M46 Combat record of the M26 and M46 in Korea Foreign export of the M26 and M46 The Plates Index

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