Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

A game of honour and pastry for 3-6 players

Osprey Games
  • Author: Peer Sylvester
  • Illustrator: Lauren Dawson
  • Publication Date: 25 Aug 2016
  • ISBN: 9781472816351
  • Format: Game
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About this Product

"Liberty! Equality! Eclairs!”

The glorious revolution has done away with tyranny! Now you and your friends make up the Revolutionary Committee, overseeing justice throughout the land. Still, now that the Queen's gone it would be a shame to let all that cake go to waste...

Become the first among equals by amassing honour!
Become happy by amassing cake!
Send your friends' pawns to the guillotine!
First to forty cakes wins!

From Peer Sylvester comes a game of committees, coercion and cake. Elect your friends to positions of power in the hope that they look on your patronage favourably, or denounce them as enemies of the revolution. Alliances and betrayal are all fair game as you try to amass as much cake as you can before the revolution collapses.

Players: 3-6
45-80 Minutes
Ages 12+

Head of Committee token
21 Medals of Honour
6 Player aids
55 Pantry cards
12 starter Cakes
8 starter Generals
36 Voting cards
18 Pawns

Box type:
King is Dead-style (approx. US letter sized)

Biographical Note

Peer Sylvester started his career in boardgaming quite early, because his dad needed an opponent in chess. In third grade he wanted to become a professional chess player. Instead he turned out to become a teacher for math and chemistry. He designs boardgames in his spare time and also writes about games on his blog. Lauren Dawson is best known as the webcomic artist Iguanamouth. Best known for her Unusual Dragon Hoards, she resides on the internet, and the western coast of the United States.

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