Lee Ray

Chris Taylor was born in Newcastle, UK, but now lives in London. After attending art college in his home town, he graduated in 1995 from Bournemouth University with a degree in computer graphics. Since then he has worked in the graphics industry and is currently a freelance illustrator for various publishing companies. He has a keen interest in filmmaking and is currently co-producing a movie. Lee James Ray studied design at college before beginning a career in digital illustration. He worked on numerous gaming products creating 3D models and backgrounds, including a spell as a senior artist, before becoming a freelance graphic designer in 2004. He is married with two children, and lives in Nottingham, UK. Alex Mallinson is a freelance graphic designer and animator, whose work has been featured in video games, books, magazines, and on websites. He was born and raised in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, before moving to Singapore with his parents, an artist and a historian. Alex currently lives in Sheffield, UK.