Jorge Alvear

Jorge Alvear is of Chilean heritage, but grew up in the United States. A modeller from an early age, his interest was rekindled after picking up a hobby magazine from a local newsstand. He is married to Rebecca, and has a son, Christian, and twin daughters Daniela and Natalia. Jorge currently lives in Georgia, USA where he works as a physician. One day, he hopes to resume playing golf. Mike Kirchoff works as an Engineering Technician for Montgomery County, Kansas. He is married to Linda, and they have three daughters and ten grandchildren. He began building models at the age of seven, and in 1985 he took top honors at his very first contest. Since then he has won numerous awards, including several regional Judge's Grand and People's Choice trophies, while also placing at the national level. Mike also designs master patterns for several major aftermarket manufacturers. An avid golfer, he has also worked as a professional drummer and sportswriter. Adam Wilder grew up in the state of Maine, USA and began building scale models when he was around eight years old. During his time at the University of Southern Maine, where he studied for a degree in Industrial Technology, he found a renewed interest in armour modelling. In 2005, at the age of 33, he relocated to northern Spain to work for a leading hobby company. He currently lives outside of Pamplona. Mig Jimenez was born in Pamplona, Spain in 1973. He studied for a degree in art, design, architecture and sculpture at Salamanca University, all of which he applied to his scale modelling. In 1994 he wrote his first article for a modelling magazine, and since then has published over 100 articles and two books. Having worked in the music industry as an art director, in 2002 he founded his own modelling company, MIG Productions. Mig's second favourite hobby is his passion for custom motorcycles.

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