In Cold War Skies

In Cold War Skies

NATO and Soviet Air Power, 1949–89

General Aviation
  • Author: Michael Napier
  • Short code: GNA
  • Publication Date: 20 Aug 2020
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Throughout the second half of the 20th century, international relations across the globe were dominated by the Cold War. From 1949 until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, US and Soviet strategic forces were deployed across the Arctic Ocean in North America and Northern Russia, while the best-equipped armed forces that the world had ever seen faced each other directly across the ‘Iron Curtain' in Europe.

In Cold War Skies examines the air power of the major powers both at a strategic and at a tactical level throughout the 40 years of the Cold War. In this fascinating book, acclaimed historian Michael Napier looks at each decade of the war in turn, examining the deployment of strategic offensive and defensive forces in North America and Northern Russia as well as the situation in Europe. He details the strategic forces and land-based tactical aircraft used by the air forces of the USA, USSR, NATO, Warsaw Pact countries and the European non-aligned nations. He also describes the aircraft types in the context of the units that operated them and the roles in which they were used. The text is supported by a wide range of first-hand accounts of operational flying during the Cold War, as well as numerous high-quality images.

Biographical Note

Michael Napier is an acclaimed author with six published titles to his name - including The Royal Air Force: A Centenary of Operations published by Osprey - and an ex-RAF Tornado pilot who saw front-line service during the Cold War as well as combat experience over Iraq. He is thorough in his research and, due to his knowledge of air warfare, is highly qualified to write on the subject.


1: A Peace That Is No Peace, 1949-59
2: We Will Bury You! 1960-69
3: Freezing Frontiers, 1970-79
4: Tear Down This Wall! 1980-89
In Neutral Skies
APPENDIX - Air Orders of Battle

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