HMMWV Humvee 1980–2005

HMMWV Humvee 1980–2005

US Army tactical vehicle

New Vanguard 122
  • Author: Steven J. Zaloga
  • Illustrator: Hugh Johnson
  • Short code: NVG 122
  • Publication Date: 12 Apr 2006
  • Number of Pages: 48
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The HMMWV, better known as the Humvee or Hummer, has set the world standard for army tactical vehicles since its introduction into the US Army in the 1980s. Designed to be the successor to the jeep of World War II with a greater load-bearing capacity, the Humvee has proven to be adaptable to a wide range of roles, including weapons carrier, missile launcher, command vehicle and other specialized types. This book traces the development and use of the Humvee and its variations, including the latest families of armored Humvees used in Iraq in 2003-05, and its adoption in a peacekeeping role the world over.

Biographical Note

Steven J Zaloga was born in 1952, received his BA in history from Union College, and his MA from Columbia University. He has published numerous books and articles dealing with modern military technology, especially armoured vehicle development. His main areas of interest are military affairs in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in World War II, and American armoured forces. He lives in Maryland, USA.Hugh Johnson is a highly-experienced and talented freelance illustrator. His work includes New Vanguard 102: ‘T-54 and T-55 Main Battle Tanks 1944-2004'. He lives in Surrey, UK.


Introduction HMMWV Origins First-Generation HMMWV Into Combat HMMWV Variants Up-Armored HMMWVs: First Steps The New Challenge: Operation Iraqi Freedom Hardening the HMMWV New Problems: Exotic Solutions 21st Century HMMWV International HMMWV Missile HMMWVs Electronic HMMWVs Further Reading Color Plate Commentary Index

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