Highlander in the French-Indian War

Highlander in the French-Indian War


Warrior 126
  • Author: Ian MacPherson McCulloch
  • Illustrator: Steve Noon
  • Short code: WAR 126
  • Publication Date: 10 Jan 2008
  • ISBN: 9781846032745
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 64
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About this Product

Colonial American historian Ian Macpherson McCulloch uses rare sources to bring to life the stirring story of the three Scottish Highland regiments that operated in North America during the French-Indian War. Forbidden to carry arms or wear the kilt unless they served the British King, many former Jacobite rebels joined the new Highland regiments raised in North America. Involved in some of the most bloody and desperate battles fought on the American continent, Highlanders successfully transformed their image from enemies of the crown to Imperial heroes, showing their bravery and determination at major battles like Ticonderoga and Quebec.

Biographical Note

LT COL McCulloch is a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia. He holds a degree in Journalism (1977) from Carleton University, Ottawa and a Master's Degree in War Studies (1996) from the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston. He joined the Canadian Army in 1977 and has served in a variety of regimental and staff appointments in Canada, USA and Germany. Ian is an avid military historian and has published numerous articles on that subject in international journals, magazines and anthologies. He has written several books, including a previous Osprey Warrior title, British Light Infantryman of the Seven Years War, 1756-1763, North America, (Oxford, 2004). Steve Noon was born in Kent, UK, and attended art college in Cornwall. He has had a life-long passion for illustration, and since 1985 has worked as a professional artist. Steve has provided award-winning illustrations for renowned publishers Dorling Kindersley, where his interest in historical illustration began.


Introduction Chronology Recruitment and Enlistment Training Dress, Appearance and Equipment Belief and Belonging Conditions of Service On Campaign The Experience of Battle Aftermath Museums, Memorials and Reenactment Select Bibliography Index

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