Hans-Hermann Cammann

Hans-Hermann Cammann has been interested in the history of the Me 163, and the men who flew this revolutionary fighter, since he was 19-years old, and he has been a regular guest at the annual reunions of former comrades of Erprobungskommando 16 and Jagdgeschwader 400 held either at Bad Zwischenahn or Berlin since 1988. In the course of time a friendship developed between him and Wolfgang Späte, the former Geschwaderkommodore of JG 400. This friendship culminated in Späte appointing him ‘archivist’ for JG 400. He started work on the two-volume work published by Classic at the suggestion of his co-author, Stephen Ransom, who was conducting detailed research into the history of the airfield at Brandis at the time. Hans-Hermann Cammann is a serving officer in the Bundeswehr.

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