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Absolute EmperorA Fistful of Kung Fu | A World Aflame | Black Ops | Broken Legions | Chosen Men | Dragon Rampant | Dux Bellorum | En Garde | Fighting Sail | Gaslands | Honours of War | Kobolds & Cobblestones | Lion Rampant | Men of Bronze | Of Gods and Mortals | On the Seven Seas | Outremer: Faith and Blood | Poseidon's Warriors | Rebels and Patriots | Rogue Stars | Ronin | The Men Who Would Be Kings | The Pikeman's Lament | Zona Alfa

 Absolute Emperor

Quick Reference Sheet (Colour)
Quick Reference Sheet (Printer Friendly)


A Fistful of Kung Fu

Quick Reference Sheet


A World Aflame

Unit Sheet
Sample Chance Cards


Black Ops

Quick Reference Sheet
Reference Sheet (Alternate Style)


Broken Legions

Roster Sheet - Full Colour
Roster Sheet - Printer Friendly


Chosen Men

Roster Sheet


Dragon Rampant

Roster Sheet
Quick Reference Sheet


Dux Bellorum

Army Roster
Quick Reference Sheet


En Garde

Roster Sheet
Quick Reference Sheet


Fighting Sail

Quick Reference Sheet
Fighting Sail Counters

A number of useful resources, including an FAQ and fleet roster sheets, are available on the author’s Google Drive: Link



Movement Templates & Tokens - A4
Movement Templates & Tokens - US Letter
Vehicle Dashboards
Time Extended! Issue 1: Savage Highways
Time Extended! Issue 2: Stina's Stockpile
Time Extended! Issue 3: Junk N Tow
Time Extended! Issue 4: Wasteland Survival Handbook


Honours of War

Quick Reference Sheet


Kobolds & Cobblestones

Gang Roster and Quick Reference Sheet


Lion Rampant

Lion Rampant Reference Sheet
Lion Rampant Roster - Full Colour
Lion Rampant Roster - Printer Friendly


Men of Bronze

Quick Reference Sheet


Of Gods and Mortals

Quick Reference Sheet
Japanese List
Arabian List
Inca Pantheon List


On the Seven Seas

Quick Reference Sheet
Building Crews for On The Seven Seas


Outremer: Faith and Blood

Roster Sheet


Poseidon's Warriors

Quick Reference Sheet


Rebels and Patriots

Quick Reference Sheet
Officer Roster
Company Roster


Rogue Stars 

Errata, Clarifications and FAQ
Example Roster Sheet
Blank Roster Sheet
Quick Reference Sheet



Counter Sheet
Reference Sheet
Buntai Roster
Errata and New Rules
Points Calculator
Mythical Creatures
The Kenshin Ryu Campaign


The Men Who Would Be Kings

Roster Sheet - Full Colour
Roster Sheet - Printer Friendly
Quick Reference Sheet


The Pikeman's Lament

Officer Roster
Company Roster
Quick Reference Sheet


Zona Alfa

Crew Roster
Quick Reference Sheet
Lone Wolves in the Zone - Solo / Coop Rules