Gaming Resources - Osprey Wargames

Gaming resources are available for the following games. Click the link to quickly navigate to them:

OWG 1: Dux BellorumOWG 2: A World AflameOWG 3: In Her Majesty's NameOWG 4: RoninOWG 5: Of Gods and MortalsOWG 6: A Fistful of Kung FuOWG 7: On the Seven SeasOWG 8: Lion RampantOWG 9: Fighting SailOWG 10: Black OpsOWG 11: Honours of WarOWG 12: En GardeOWG 13: Dragon Rampant, OWG 14: Poseidon's WarriorsOWG 15: Broken Legions, OWG 16: The Men Who Would Be Kings , OWG 17: Rogue Stars, OWG 19: The Pikeman's Lament

OWG 1: Dux Bellorum

Army Roster

Quick Reference Sheet


OWG 2: A World Aflame

Unit Sheet

Sample Chance Cards


OWG 3: In Her Majesty's Name

All kinds of useful resources, from brand new Adventuring Companies to rules clarifications and errata are available from the authors' website


OWG 4: Ronin

Counter Sheet

Reference Sheet

Buntai Roster

Errata and New Rules

Points Calculator

Mythical Creatures (UPDATED)

The Kenshin Ryu Campaign

OWG 5: Of Gods and Mortals

Quick Reference Sheet

Japanese List

Arabian List

Inca Pantheon List


OWG 6: A Fistful of Kung Fu

Quick Reference Sheet


OWG 7: On the Seven Seas

Quick Reference Sheet

Building Crews for On The Seven Seas


OWG 8: Lion Rampant

Lion Rampant Reference Sheet

Lion Rampant Roster(COLOUR)

Lion Rampant Roster(Black & White)


OWG 9: Fighting Sail

Quick Reference Sheet

Fighting Sail Counters

A number of useful resources, including an FAQ and fleet roster sheets, are available on the author’s Google Drive: Link

OWG 10: Black Ops

Quick Reference Sheet

Reference Sheet (Alternate Style)



OWG 11: Honours of War

Quick Reference Sheet


OWG 12: En Garde

Roster Sheet

Quick Reference Sheet


OWG 13: Dragon Rampant

Roster Sheet

Quick Reference Sheet


OWG 14: Poseidon's Warriors

Quick Reference Sheet


OWG 15: Broken Legions

Roster Sheet (full colour)

Roster Sheet (mono)


OWG 16: The Men Who Would Be Kings

Roster Sheet (full colour)

Roster Sheet (mono)

Quick Reference Sheet


OWG 17: Rogue Stars 

Errata, Clarificans and FAQ

Example Roster Sheet

Blank Roster Sheet

Quick Reference Sheet


 OWG 19: The Pikeman's Lament

Officer Roster

Company Roster

Quick Reference Sheet