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Posted by: Paintybeard Still hoping for information and improvement of Ospreys pdf titles
Posted on: 22/02/2021 10:52:31

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Posted by: Paintybeard
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 As frequent forum visitors may recall, there are outstanding questions about the quality of Ospreys pdf publications.

During the recent sales I have bought several items from the back catalogue, and I have to say that quality is actually decreasing. For example:

NV 287, published 2020 (Soviet Cold War Attack Submarines) File size 6.5 mB, it only has an interactive index

NV 239, published 2016 (Nile River Guboats) File size 38.6 mB, it has interactive index and contents page and auto-rotates the pages between landscape and portrait as required.

And once again I would BEG that Osprey desist from formatting their double page maps and illustrations into two halves. It makes the maps impossible to use and ruins the pictures. (Not to mention being an insult to the hard work of talented artists.) Most of the complete, original maps and pictures are on the members page of this forum. It seems like sheer obstinance to not include these in the published pdf's 

It is disappointing that Osprey seems to have decided that "cheap and cheerful" will be their business model.

Posted on: 22/02/2021 10:52:31
Posted by: Minal @ Osprey
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Hi Paintybeard,

My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Thank you for your suggestion about the artwork, we’ve passed this back to our Production team to see if it’s possible. We've checked NVG 287 and it does have both an interactive index and contents. Could you please retry the file?


Have a good weekend!


Minal @ Osprey

Posted on: 26/02/2021 13:14:07
Posted by: Paintybeard
Total Posts: 411
Joined Date: Monday, 4 February 2013

Very pleased to hear from you, Minal.

I stand (half) corrected about the contents page on NV 287. The actual page is interactive. However on earlier books it appears as a side-bar that can be used at the same time as the rest of the book. (Which is considerably more useful.)

It's very good news that the possibility of the 2-page maps and illustrations being re-done in their original format. I shall really be pleased when this is done.

Have a delightful weekend too, the sun is shining!

Posted on: 26/02/2021 13:23:56
Posted by: JohnVK
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I have invested a lot of time and effort describing in great detail the PDF eBook issues (and the quality issues with your print on demand books) and giving you a lot of information on how to approach improvements, both in the forum and through email directly, but it has all fallen on deaf ears.
In fact, at some point you basically straight up told me that you are not interested in making any real quality improvements at all. Even after acknowledging the issues and promising that you were working on them. Even telling us that improved versions were being worked on and would be available shortly.
According to you the quality is good enough to read on a tiny phone or e-reader display, without any regard for people that read on laptops/desktops, doing (amateur) research with a desire to be able to zoom in on images and photos to view detail in the PDF.

When I set out to try and make things better for all of us, including Osprey (with very little effort required on your side and at basically no additional cost even), some of the fellas here already tried to warn me about Osprey's attitude towards dealing with questions, propositions, issues and the finalization of their promises. Turns out they were absolutely right. All of my efforts were entirely futile and promises remained exactly what they were... promises.

So, I have decided to care in equal measure.
Rest assured, there will be no more annoying posts from me, trying to help improve your products.
Basically, you win. I give up.

Good luck.
Posted on: 28/02/2021 00:34:31

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