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Posted by: Steve88 Only 2 Campaign books for Vietnam is pitiful. There are many others we need:
Dien Bien Phu
Ia Drang
Lam Son 19
Easter Offensive
Chinese invasion
Going back farther in time, would it be possible to see a Men-at-arms on the Sino-French War 1883-85? It involved a lot of fighting in Vietnam.
Posted on: 18/08/2014 19:20:00

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Posted by: Michael Kazich @ Osprey
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Joined Date: Friday, 28 March 2014
Hi Steve,

Have you used the 'books I'd like to read' tool on the sidebar to suggest some of these titles?


Posted on: 19/08/2014 10:11:00
Posted by: siorac54
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Yes I agree. My wishes are the same as yours.

I would add :

Junction city I & II 1967 may be with Cedar falls (1967) & Attleboro (late 1966)

North Tonkin Battles 1950-51
Posted on: 20/08/2014 15:28:00
Posted by: WickedMessenger
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Haven't been there, but I'd loooovvve to go to Vietnam.
Posted on: 22/08/2014 02:20:00
Posted by: mdaniels
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There has already been correspondence explaining why Osprey have not been able to do Dien Bien Phu (due to monopoly on comtemporary photo rights and the resulting cost).

Agree with Ia Drang and Easter Offensive though.
Posted on: 28/08/2014 18:56:00
Posted by: paul will
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I think Ia Drang would make a great Osprey campaign book. Also a previous blogger put forward Dien Bien Phu as either a extended campaign book (to recap the extra expense or a book in the general history section.
Posted on: 16/09/2014 18:00:00

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