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Posted by: Hobbe62 It is now 6 months since Britain left EU and Osprey has still not presented a solution to the EU orders problem. And I doubt there will be one before the end of 2021. I have now stopped my daily routine checks of the Osprey website. No need to get exited over anything (old or new titles) which I cannot order directly from Osprey. And to be excluded from the site’s sale offers does not make me any happier.
Posted on: 13/07/2021 13:46:59

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Posted by: Hobbe62
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With no situation update or even the slightest hint of any progress in the the work to find a solution, it feels like we EU customers have been abandoned by Osprey.  

Pre-orders as well as normal orders of new/ old hardbacks and paperbacks don’t appear to be available from Osprey any time soon. Maybe next year? Who knows? Until then we EU customers who are getting bored waiting might as well switch from Osprey to some local  supplier in our own EU countries. For example The prices of the Osprey titles listed on the Swedish AdLibris site multiplied by the current exchange rate are more or less the equal to Osprey’s own prices. Some are even lower. 

After you have found a solution I hope you consider some kind of EU sale offer to keep us EU customers. For myself I am getting tired of  waiting för Osprey’s EU orders solution. The next Osprey titles I buy will probably be ordered from the Swedish AdLibris site.

Posted on: 13/07/2021 13:46:59
Posted by: Minal @ Osprey
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Hi Hobbe62,


We are very sorry for the delay. 

We have just posted an update about that here:





Posted on: 16/07/2021 09:16:01

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