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Posted by: mrhistory2 anybody who has studied the Indian wars has most likely heard of the Apaches and the wars they fought with the US and Mexico,and regonizes names like Cochise,Geronimo,and Victorio. yet probaly nobody has heard of the wars between the Spanish and Apache in the 18th century. after the Pueblo revolt of 1680 the Apache got hold of horses. the Spanish,pushing into their territory,started to fight them. the Apache had been defeated by the Comanche. one of the earliest battles when in 1776 at Terreante where a Spanish company was lured into a ambush and 25 soldiers killed,with very few escaping. 3 years later,the Aapche launched a attack on Tuscon. they mostly raided for horses and in the 1780s launched attacks on Spanish missions,along with the Yumas who did the same thing. in 1782,Tuscon once again came under attack twice. in 1784,a force of Apaches and Navajos raided Tuscon for horses,but were driven off. A week later,they fought the Spanish at Catlina river. in 1786,they signed a treaty proposed by Bernardo de Galvez,a American Revolution veteran. in 1788 there was another battle at Pinal Mountains. soon the Apaches would find new enemies in the Mexicans and Americans. being a huge Apache fan,owning some books on them,I really hope I will see this done.
Posted on: 10/01/2013 00:37:00

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Posted by: mrhistory2
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the Apaches had also fought battles with the Spainsh in the 1730s. I think that was with the Plains Apache,but I could be wrong.
Posted on: 10/01/2013 20:15:00

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