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Viewing Topic "The NVA final offensive"
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Posted by: xeneize We know than DBP is not possible, but the other decisive battle of the war must have a book!!!.

Now the NVA archives are open and a lot of unknown information is avaible.
Posted on: 27/06/2014 02:28:00

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Posted by: Amaral
Total Posts: 200
Joined Date: Friday, 8 March 2013
I believe we can have some nice new facts together with older ones. The ARVN resistence in Xuan Loc was a stuff of legend.
Posted on: 27/06/2014 06:05:00
Posted by: kuvaszsleepybear
Total Posts: 295
Joined Date: Wednesday, 7 August 2013
The last response Osprey gave about a DBP book was that they couldn't get rights to pictures.Couldn't Osprey have a agreement with whoever has the rights to the Ballentine's Series volume on DBP to use the pictures that were in that book?Also when I look on Ebay there are lots of DBP photos available there.And are you telling me there is NO French Army museum that has DBP pictures that they would allow a publisher to use??
Posted on: 27/06/2014 09:00:00
Posted by: Mike @ Osprey
Total Posts: 33
Joined Date: Thursday, 11 September 2008
We can get the rights to the pictures - but not at a cost that makes the creation of the book financially viable. A bit of a monopoly on DBP photo libraries apparently!
Posted on: 27/06/2014 09:12:00
Posted by: .George Washington
Total Posts: 164
Joined Date: Friday, 21 June 2013
A Command on Giap would be nice.
Posted on: 27/06/2014 14:38:00
Posted by: GI Gene
Total Posts: 72
Joined Date: Saturday, 7 February 2009
If it includes the US evacuation of Saigon in detail, then it would be an interesting read.
Posted on: 27/06/2014 21:09:00
Posted by: Amaral
Total Posts: 200
Joined Date: Friday, 8 March 2013
What's their gain, Mike?
Posted on: 28/06/2014 02:13:00
Posted by: MTG
Total Posts: 30
Joined Date: Wednesday, 21 December 2011
I would naturally support such a book if it was released.

Amaral what are your plans for 2016?
xeneize says he plans to visit the UK then. Wouldbe great if you were both over at the same time.
Posted on: 28/06/2014 02:57:00
Posted by: kuvaszsleepybear
Total Posts: 295
Joined Date: Wednesday, 7 August 2013
RE:#5 Really biting my tongue here,LOL.
Posted on: 28/06/2014 04:22:00
Posted by: Amaral
Total Posts: 200
Joined Date: Friday, 8 March 2013
I don't really have a calendar for 2016, MTG, and to arrive in England together with xeneise would be a feat of logistics management well beyond my humble capacities. I will explain... I am planning to go to France for some 5 years - to live there, and before I met Noriko - and while most of my objectives are close to completion, I still have to take into account Noriko's desire to visit Ireland (a place that never got my attention before). If 2015 goes according to my plans, I don't believe I will be going to England anytime soon - as much as I would like - because I am planning to do something quite pitoresc in Southern France. But Noriko keep joking about meeting you, Painty, Neil and scratchbuilder for a "pint" in a real British pub. If you can spare a temporary e-mail, I can contact you more often, like I do with scratchbuilder. I also invite Paintybeard to do the same, as my conversations with scratch are so interesting that they made Noriko a bit jealous when she sees me opening my e-mail. ;-)
Posted on: 30/06/2014 00:44:00

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