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Posted by: KenA
Posted on: 29/04/2016 07:35:08

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Posted by: AdamC
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Hi KenA,

I wouldnt go as far as to say that the Meteor is "forgotten" but it definately gets over looked on a regular basis. If I have to watch another WWII TV documentary that describes the Me 262 as the worlds first operational jet fighter I'll scream - yes it flew first but No 616 Sqn became operational first!!! The Meteor was therefore the worlds first OPERATIONAL jet fighter. 

I think the type could certainly support a Combat Aircraft title, something along the lines of "British & Commonwealth Meteor Squadrons in Action" perhaps??? If you include the Commonwealth angle you could look at its participation in the Korean War with the RAAF as well. You'd also be able to cover RAF operations in WWII, Malaya, Kenya and Europe during the Cold War. I'd love to see some discussion on the RAF's bizarre descision to use the Meteor as its primary fighter and the Vampire as its primary fighter-bomber when it should have been the other way round!!! Some colour profiles of the surprisingly colourful 1950s RAF squadron markings would be nice too. The type would also have leant itself well to the now defunct Air Vanguard too.

Posted on: 29/04/2016 13:08:45
Posted by: KenA
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I was perusing one of my books recently and I came across a photo of a Gloster Meteor, Britain’s first jet fighter and the Allies only operational jet fighter in WWII.  It occurred to me that the Meteor is now probably largely a forgotten aircraft, notwithstanding the place it holds in aviation history.  So this post is dedicated to the Gloster Meteor, long may it now be remembered.

Now is this enough to get Tony Holmes, his crew and the Osprey Team thinking that maybe a book on the career of the Meteor might be a great idea?  Yes I know about Duel 45 but it only touches on one small aspect of the Meteor’s role (in WWII) and its place in aviation history.

Posted on: 29/04/2016 07:35:09

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