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Viewing Topic "the battle of Carrhae 53 B.C."
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Posted by: mrhistory2 Okay,I am done with 19th century for a while,not it is time to suggest a well needed-campaign title in the Ancient world,despite the last post in this section.the battle of Carrhae in 53 B.C. in Parthia. my interst has been stemed after seeing a documentary on it on Youtube in the descicve battles series.it also ranks as one of Rome's worst defeats,with other Roman disaters being Teutoburg Forest,Cannae,and Beth Horn. who did it involve it involved a Roman force of 43,000 men led by Marcus Crassus,a very wealthy Roman who had fought Spatcrus and his army during the Slave rebeliion of 73-71 B.C. he wanted to conquer Parthia and possibly go all the way to China. the Parthians had a force of 10,000 led by Surea. The Battle the Romans arrived at the town of Carrhae,where a large Parthian force was waiting. Crassus panicked upon being informed of how large the force of Parthians was. he ordered the Romans into their usual square.the Parthians shined their armor, and fired volleys of arrows at the Romans. Parthian horse archers attacked the Roman legionaries and the Romans charged at them in hand-to-hand combat repeatably. the Parthians supplied their archers with camels,and Crassus sent his son Publius with about 1,300 troops to try to drive off the archers. Publiu's troops were wiped out and his head was stuck on a pole. many wounded Romans were captured. the next day,Crassus held a meeting with the Parthian commanders,where he was murdered along with his generals. The Parthians poured molten gold down his throat because of his greed. they killed and captured the remainder of the Romans. 20,000 Romans died in the battle. why it is needed well,Carrhae is a huge Roman defeat,and a very important battle in the Ancient world. like Teutoburg Forest,it signaled that Rome would not control a certain part of the area. it also was one of the first parts of many wars between Rome and Persia. there are many battles that are important but have not been covered let. Would it sell good? well,only you know if you would buy it or not,and Osprey would know how good it sold after some sales. I bought Teutoburg Forest,and I might buy Cannae some time. well? do you think Carrhae would sell good? is it well needed? would it be bought by you? tell me what you think.
Posted on: 12/01/2013 03:44:00

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Posted by: xeneize
Total Posts: 75
Joined Date: Friday, 18 January 2013
I made se suggestion of roman-persian wars as Essential Histories, Carrhae is worth a Campaign book. For the way, the roman persian wars are to wast to write a book they need a series of books, your idea is a rigth first step
Posted on: 12/01/2013 19:24:00
Posted by: Paintybeard
Total Posts: 363
Joined Date: Monday, 4 February 2013
Nicely argued, I'd certainly consider getting a copy of this if it was well written and illustrated.
Posted on: 12/01/2013 22:00:00
Posted by: albertomv
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Joined Date: Thursday, 2 June 2011
Carrhae would be a great campaign title!
Posted on: 16/01/2013 07:13:00
Posted by: AdamC
Total Posts: 276
Joined Date: Thursday, 22 January 2009
Nice, pitch. I agree with the guys above. This would certainly make a good Campaign title.
Posted on: 16/01/2013 12:42:00
Posted by: crimean
Total Posts: 33
Joined Date: Monday, 9 February 2009
I would like to see Osprey cover this battle.
Posted on: 18/01/2013 11:34:00
Posted by: giulio24
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Joined Date: Tuesday, 2 June 2020
This would be a great title!!! And sorry for other illustrators but i really hope that plates will be done by Giuseppe Rava!!!
Posted on: 12/10/2013 11:22:00

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