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Posted by: Hobbe62 Hello Osprey! Is everything working out OK without us customers based in EU member countries? I might be wrong, but I thought we were responsible for a substantial part Osprey’s earnings. How long can Osprey survive without the income from us? In her 2 March blog post ’EU shipping/ Membership Update’ Minai hoped to be able to provide a further update within the next two weeks in March. Two months have now passed without an update.This continued radio silence has almost killed all my interest in privately ordering anything from Britain (with and maybe as the two sole exceptions.
Posted on: 03/05/2021 19:39:52

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Posted by: PAUL W
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Ebay have now changed their rules for selling / posting to EU.

Posted on: 13/06/2021 21:19:18
Posted by: PAUL W
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I'm having similar problems ordering dvds from the eu. A lot of companies just won't sell to UK, as I assume it is a significant issue with the new tax / customs duties. Unfortunately too many people in the UK believed the lies printed on buses!

Posted on: 11/05/2021 16:32:26
Posted by: Minal @ Osprey
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Hi Hobbe62 and Karol,

We're really sorry for the lack of update, please rest assured that we're still actively working on this. As a result of Brexit, new service charges have been introduced by couriers for customs clearance, which is on top of freight and new tax changes. We are working on a solution that will make sure these charges are transparent to customers during the checkout so that they are fully informed about the total order value at the time of purchase. We hope to be able to reinstate EU sales later this year but do not currently have an estimated date of when this will be. We will provide a full update as soon as we know more. We really do share your frustration over the situation and want to be able to resume shipping as soon as possible!

Thank you for your continued patience. 

Minal @ Osprey
Posted on: 07/05/2021 16:02:17
Posted by: Nezmysel
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I keep visiting Osprey Publishing site, but all news that I need to know are in the top line: Please note that we are temporarily unable to deliver any orders placed on the website to customers based in EU member countries.

I believe, that you are trying. Good comms strategy is to engage with customers. And update. Regularly. As to what you have tried and what worked, and what not. 

I hope you will solve the issue soon, but in the meantime, shed some light into what is going on.

Ability to cancel the membership is not the answer, it is a retreat. I just hope it was not a first move on the path towards Osprey surrendering and giving up on EU customers.




Posted on: 04/05/2021 12:46:58
Posted by: Hobbe62
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FYI use Interpost Ltd which meant my most recent March 2021 order from them was shipped to Sweden via Estonia. Interpost Ltd  has an Estonian P. O. Box address. The delivery charge for two Double CD Albums was £9.99. (Not much different from Osprey’s usual P&P cost) I used PayPal for the payment. It was  ordered on 21 March 2021 and arrived at my door through the Swedish PostNord on 21 April 2021. Four weeks (Not much different from Osprey’s usual delivery time to Sweden). 

and in this case I didn’t need to pay any extra tax payment


so if you haven’t already been in contact with Interpost Ltd or some similar company, try it. this could be the solution to the current quagmire.

Posted on: 03/05/2021 19:39:53

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