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Posted by: ph page 14 photograph: von Falkenhausen?
Posted on: 08/10/2017 19:37:34

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Posted by: ph
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Hi, reading the book, in page 14 the photograph that is supossed to be of von Falkenhausen is of von Falkenhayn (German Army Chief of Staff 1914-1916). Dioes Osprey have a photograph of von Falkenhausen during his China years?

Thank you

Posted on: 08/10/2017 19:37:35
Posted by: Paintybeard
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Osprey's proof-reading and editorial policies continue to be of very low standard. It frequently appears that they throw the entire effort to check facts on the shoulders of the author and no attempt is made to make sure of anything before publishing, so if the author slips up the buyer is left with a faulty product. Even such obvious steps as adding errata to subsequent editions is frequently ignored. Frankly mistaking Von Falkenhausen for Von Falkenhyn is laughable and brings the whole company into poor repute.  

Posted on: 09/10/2017 10:54:33
Posted by: KenA
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Ah yes, I know, and we’ve heard it all before - “All dem von Germans look the same”.  Admittedly mistakes will happen from time to time but all material (including photos) for inclusion in a book should be checked and if possible cross-checked to ensure mistakes do not arise.  In this particular instance the misidentification of the photo could lie with either the author, Benjamin Lai, or the source, Getty Images.  In either event it was obviously a First World War photo and was not an image from around the period covered by the book.  So, why include such a photo in the first place?

Painty raises a very good point about the standard of Osprey proof-reading and editing.  From where I sit Osprey seems more concerned about book format and word count than it is about book content.  Things like proof-reading seem to be left largely to the author and, as anyone who has done any amount of writing knows, the last person who should do the final proof-reading is the author because he/she reads what should be there rather than what is there.  Osprey is notorious for producing paperback books littered with errors that any decent proof-reader would have picked up.  I have given up trying to get Osprey to change its policy on proof-reading.  Osprey seems quite content with mediocrity.

Posted on: 09/10/2017 21:55:07
Posted by: OspreyRich
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Thank you PH for flagging up the error in this title and I’m sorry it happened. It will be corrected in the ebook and in subsequent print editions as we always do.

We’ve investigated how the error happened and it does start with an incorrectly labelled photograph from Getty Images that we missed.

All of our books are independently copyedited and the proofread by two different publishing professionals, either internally or externally. We put a significant amount of time and money into bringing the book to print. What we don’t, and can’t do, is fact check every title nor is there any general peer review or academic read process which would add cost, labour and time to a tightly managed and budgeted process.

With subjects ranging from the Ancient Near East to technical histories of 21st century weaponry we cannot expect editors to be experts in all things, we need to rely on the authors to have the expert knowledge and the editor’s role is more to flag up inconsistencies, point out where elements are not properly explained and highlight where things do not feel right. Often our editor’s do more than that where they do pick up on historical errors but ultimately we don’t ask this of them. They are incredibly committed and hardworking people, managing a process that keeps a constant supply of books coming through year after year.

Mistakes will inevitably be made, both by authors and editors, but we do try as much as we can to eliminate them. We are sorry about this one. We’ll correct it and learn from it.



Posted on: 10/10/2017 10:47:48
Posted by: ph
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Thank you for your answer Rich,

mistakes happen (there is a misspelling in my initial post). One issue, will Osprey share the new photograph with people that have already bought the book?. Just showing it in the forum would be enough for me.


Posted on: 11/10/2017 17:17:59

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