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Posted by: moraka It would be interesting if there would come a Men-at-arms book about the Seleucids.
Posted on: 08/09/2013 00:33:00

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Posted by: .George Washington
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Raphia, Magnesia, and the Maccabees revolt would all be great to see.
Posted on: 07/02/2014 21:48:00
Posted by: sassan
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In short:Yes!
Posted on: 17/09/2013 10:58:00
Posted by: Blood Rave
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A campaign title on the battle of Raphia would be awesome
Posted on: 10/09/2013 15:38:00
Posted by: scratchbuilder
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Yes, I placed a post some weeks ago suggesting a multi volume study of the Successor Kingdoms, starting with Ptolomid Egypt. I would be happy to see the Selucids go first as long as it gets done.
Posted on: 08/09/2013 09:22:00

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