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Posted by: Jenato Unable to deliver to customers in EU but advertising 30% sale...
Posted on: 12/03/2021 19:46:10

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Posted by: Jenato
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I am a gold member since Osprey started this kind of membership years ago and customer even longer. I think I speak for all customers in the EU it is rather sarcastic to advert a big sale, very well knowing it is impossible to get the advantages of it as it seems to be an exceedingly difficult task for Osprey to come to an agreement or solution to send orders over to Europe. I have been ordering things back in England, at Hornby or Fortnum and Mason, to name a few, and it seems no longer to be a problem to them to send my orders.

It has been almost two and a half months now since Brexit… Farage seemed to have quit politics and you guys are in trouble! If I was CEO of Osprey I really should like to know how much money is lost on a weekly basis by making it impossible for EU customers to place orders.

I will “remain loyal” to Osprey though, refusing to give up my gold membership and I believe many European customers will do so, because we still see the advantages of free European trade.

Please get the things fixed so we can order the interesting books you are still publishing!

A suggestion: deduct the VAT when we order books, send them to Europe by DPD. The customer is requested to pay the required taxes to DPD, which they remit to customs of European country where the order has to be sent to. As soon as the customer has paid the taxes, the package is delivered. Call Horny, they know exactly how it works.

Frustrated but still optimistically.


Posted on: 12/03/2021 19:46:11
Posted by: Atkinson
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To be fair all UK DPD parcels being channeled into to do the VAT & customer service has caused some issues.

But I agree, it wouldn't have been hard to press some flesh with DPD/Chronopost and get some agreement going for Osprey packages

Posted on: 13/03/2021 13:14:55
Posted by: Emily @ Osprey
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Hi all,

I can assure you that we are extremely keen to get orders back up and running to the EU! There are many issues to consider and we are working through all of the options as fast as possible. I hope to be able to give you an update very soon. Thank you for your continued patience.

Best wishes,

Emily @ Osprey

Posted on: 15/03/2021 17:00:12
Posted by: PAUL W
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I personally had a problem with osprey in December.  It took my membership renewal twice and froze my membership.  Which ment I couldn't use the discount in the December sale. The same thing happened the year before but was rectified and I was able to send the list of books I wanted and the discount was applied manually.  Last year after saying I would have to go to my credit card company the two amounts were refunded and my membership was cancelled.  No offer was made to give my a discount on the books I missed out on. The difference a year makes i suppose or dealing with a different person.


I do accept that last year was "different " in everyway possible. 


I still wanted my books so went to various outlets, predominantly amazon but a few others.


I ordered the English civil war atlas brand new for a good price from a bookseller on eBay. Only for the seller to cancel the order saying the book was unavailable but then relist it at a higher price. I got my money but my only other recourse was to leave negative feedback.  I ended up getting the book full price from waterstones using vouchers I had been given as a Christmas present. 

My first lot of books from amazon came and had a more than 30% discount,  happy days I thought but as the months wore on the discount dwindled and this month was less than 30%.

Therefore cap in hand I've returned to osprey and renewed my membership.  It went through first time and I've been able to order a batch today.

Brexit unfortunately is with us, ironically some of the people who voted for it probably wouldn't know what to do with a book! However it is affecting UK buyers as well. I often buy military dvds from Europe but have found the price has gone up significantly or in a lot of cases they simply won't sell to the UK. 


This has been longer than I planned but basically is a heartfelt message from someone who has been buying osprey books for a very long time, been a member for a long time, to the extant that many years ago I rang customer services as there was a defect in one of my books and the lady said she was pleased to speak to me as I ordered books every month!  All things change but sometimes it is better the devil you know!

Posted on: 20/03/2021 18:35:48

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