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Posted by: SpartanKick Dear all, Sort question about the combat: 1/ A samurai who have win the initiative can potentially attack severals times if he had more than one token in his CP before the opponent fight back ? 2/ We can enhance the initiative if we decide to use on token, but you take it in defense or attack pool ? Thx !
Posted on: 27/05/2014 10:30:00

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Posted by: Striden
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Just to explain the problem of question 1):

On Page 15 "Combat process", point 5: "The model with the highest initiative has the option to make one or more attacks (see below)."

Below: "Making an attack".

On page 19/20: "combat example" the Samurai wins the initiative and only make one attack and this is described with "This competes the Samurai´s attack."

So i´m also not shure, if the Samurai is allowed to make more than one attack...

So please give us an answer... :-( Thanks!

2) to enhance the initiative Roll you have to dicard an Attack Counter (page 16, "Enhancing Rolls", point 1)
Posted on: 23/10/2014 14:46:00

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