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Viewing Topic "Roman auxiliary c.30 B.C.-212 A.D.and Roman legionary in crisis c.235-325A.D."
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Posted by: sassan So,Roman Legionary AD 69-161 already out.But there are still considerable gaps to fill Roman/ancient military fan's heart.The first proposed title is an obvious and still missing theme :Roman auxiliary forces c.30 B.C.-212 A.D. The second proposal was also already mentioned rightfully by someone in the past-Roman army in the age of chaos c.235-284A.D.,or better till 325 when empire was reunited in one hands again and old principate type army finally gave way to newer reformed structures of late antiquity. Although there is Imperial roman legionary A.D.160-284,this volume in fact mention only rarely what has happened after 235,leaving much unexplored space yet to cover and descibe final demise of classical Legionnaires.I'm sure Ross Cowan,for example,would be able and willing to undertake the task and really complete the circle.
Posted on: 20/04/2013 19:51:00

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Posted by: Nick Hunter
Total Posts: 55
Joined Date: Wednesday, 8 May 2013
I'd certainly be likely to buy the auxiliary book, which is an obvious gap. However, given how diverse auxiliary units are, i think that's a big time period to cover and do the variety of the auxilia any justice
Posted on: 20/04/2013 21:44:00
Posted by: xeneize
Total Posts: 75
Joined Date: Friday, 18 January 2013
The auxiliary was sometimes a decisive part of the roman army, specially in cavalry and must remenber the line of phartians archers in "Gladiator". This topic deserve a book!!!
Posted on: 20/04/2013 21:58:00
Posted by: andyana
Total Posts: 25
Joined Date: Wednesday, 9 February 2011
As I'm re-reading Harry Sidebottom's Roman series, I'd be very interested in a book on the crisis of the 3rd Century. Perhaps the proposed auxiliary title could be split into a couple of books? I'd like to see something on them too.
Posted on: 21/04/2013 15:51:00
Posted by: sassan
Total Posts: 4
Joined Date: Friday, 17 February 2012
I agree that Auxiliaries were fundamental for the roman army and mantainance of the empire,so they reallyy deserves a book.There was already one about regular auxiliary cavalry and my proposal is(I forgot to mention it in the title)on auxiliary infantry. But its truth that there is a possibility for one title yet,and that could deal with auxiliary specilist troops-like those Parthians.Because there were two auxiliary systems-classes-Regular army auxiliaries and iregular auxiliaris-helping forces without permanent bases and units that were sometimes built up or hired only for the patiicipation in some specific campaign or during such campaign.
Posted on: 21/04/2013 15:53:00
Posted by: albertomv
Total Posts: 1
Joined Date: Thursday, 2 June 2011
Totally agree with your both proporsals, I have proposed a Roman Auxiliary Infantryman Book because is a great gap in osprey roman series. Maybe a first book Roman Auxiliary Infantryman AD 14-193 (same time frame roman auxiliary cavalryman for begining). Roman Legionary in crisis period would be very interesting and as you are pointing not really covered in Imperial Roman Legionary, and it offers a very different image of the legionaries
Posted on: 26/04/2013 09:41:00

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