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Posted by: Ludanto I noticed some weirdness in the Rogue Stars rules, and was wondering if I'm missing something.
Posted on: 30/12/2016 21:22:53

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Posted by: Ludanto
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Is there an official errata for Rogue Stars?  I've noticed some discrepancies and was wondering if there might be an explanation or correction somewhere.

So far, I've noticed:

Assault Rifle: Two-Handed, Damage 5, Automatic, Cost 8
Machine Gun: Two-Handed, Damage 5, NOT Automatic, Heavy, Cost 10

So, never buy a machine gun, I guess.


Big:   Easier to get shot at (+1), Easier to punch things (+1), Cost 1
Huge: Easier to get shot at (+2), Easier to punch things (+1), Cost 2

So, again, you're paying more for a worse option.  Never be huge.

Not to be completely negative, I haven't had a chanace to play (having been stymied at character creation) but the rules certainly look like fun.  I even bought a copy for a friend of mine as a surprise.

Posted on: 30/12/2016 21:22:54
Posted by: Phil @ Osprey
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Hi there!

The author has addressed these on the official Facebook group (, but if you're not a FB fan, here are his comments:

- P.25 machine gun entry should have the Automatic and Infinite Rounds rules.

- The cost for Huge may seem wrong when compared with Big but it is correct. Huge has many minor advantages hidden in the scenarios. We just didn't have the space in the book to repeat all the minor rules.

I hope that clears up your queries. We will be putting up an errata document for download from our resources page ( soon.


Posted on: 04/01/2017 08:33:21

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