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Posted by: murphac I think one of the possible strengths of the new COMBAT series would be examining how different types of troops (as opposed to x country's infantry vs. y country's infantry) countered each other on the battlefield, such as suggested ancient titles on Roman Legionary vs. Macedonian Phalangite. In the 16th Century context of the Italian Wars, I see the possibility of COMBAT titles such as "Landsknecht vs. Swiss Pikeman" (which would not necessarily cover a lot of new ground considering MAA and WARRIOR titles on the Swiss and Landsknechts, but a focus on the brutal rivalry between the two groups might make for an interesting read). Another possible title might be "Rodelero vs. French/Swiss Pikeman" covering the tactics used by the Spanish sword and buckler troops to attempt to break up pike formations ( a Swiss/Landsknecht title could also detail the similar role of halberdiers and doppelsoldners during this period). Thoughts?
Posted on: 20/12/2013 16:03:00

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Posted by: Nightbird
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I agree with the OP. Also a tactics title on the Italian wars would be also nice.
Posted on: 21/12/2013 07:00:00
Posted by: Digedags
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I agree. Not only need we more Renaissance titles but also the suggestion that Combat would be more interesting if matches between different troop types would be featured is very convincing. I think that a title like Union infantry man vs Confederate infantry man does not play to the strength of the Combat series.
Posted on: 21/12/2013 09:13:00
Posted by: Pompeius Minus
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Good ideas. Arquebusier vs pikeman would be interesting as well, since they were mostly responsible for the demise of the big pike formations and faced them in several decisive battles (e.g. Bicocca). Pikeman vs cuirassier is another idea, since the idea behind the cuirassier was basically to ride up to the pike block and blast them with big bore pistols from close range.
Posted on: 21/12/2013 10:18:00
Posted by: MTG
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I'd read those title Murphac.
Posted on: 19/01/2014 10:55:00

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