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Posted by: .George Washington I enjoyed the Campaign book on Cannae and the Men-at-arms and Essential Histories on the wars. however, there are still some gaps to be filled. I have suggested COMMAND titles because while Osprey claimed to have cancelled the series in a blog post not too far back about we decide the book vote for six weeks they had several suggested COMMAND books. maybe the series is not fully done. also on Youtube the four part Extra History show on the Punic Wars is very good. comments and suggestions below please. CAM: Zama 202 BC- Scipo Africanus defeats Hannibal, HUGE gap! CAM: Illipa 206 BC- Scipo wins a major battle in Spain CAM: The Metaurus 207 BC- A disaster for Carthage CAM: Capua,Silarus River, and Canusium 215-209 BC CAM: Ticinus, Trebbia, and Lake Trasimene 218-217 BC- Roman defeats forgotten because of Cannae CAM: The First Punic War 264-246 BC Fortress: Saguntum RAID: The destruction of Carthage 146 BC COMBAT: Carthaginian vs. Roman 264-146 BC COMMAND: Scipo Africanus COMMAND: Hamilcar
Posted on: 15/12/2013 05:41:00

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Posted by: Gaiiten
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Joined Date: Sunday, 19 April 2009
I especially second The destruction of Carthage 146 BC. However, this year-long fight is rather a Campaign title than a Raid.
Posted on: 15/12/2013 15:04:00
Posted by: Fadrique
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Joined Date: Saturday, 6 June 2020
I´d like to see a CAM title on the First Punic War but one dealing only with the "Naval Battles". It would be great if it was preceded by an NVG on "Warships of the Punic Wars".
Posted on: 15/12/2013 21:32:00
Posted by: SU 85
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Joined Date: Saturday, 6 June 2020
I support all these titles! Maybe two campaigns for the First Punic War.
Posted on: 16/12/2013 01:10:00
Posted by: Nightbird
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Joined Date: Saturday, 4 January 2014
Fortress: Saguntum is an interesting idea.
Posted on: 22/12/2013 16:38:00

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