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Trying to get home without annoying too many gods/goddesses and in one piece?

Created on: 30/01/2015 07:52:48
Created by: Cicerius
Posted on: 25/06/2016 09:57:49
Posted by: Cicerius
Myths & Legends - A Worrying Absence

What's happened to Myths & Legends in 2016??? I haven't seen any due for release up to and including Sept 2016!? Please don't tell me that this very interesting series has been scrapped after such a s...

Created on: 24/08/2015 13:20:44
Created by: AdamC
Posted on: 26/08/2015 08:44:17
Posted by: AdamC
2016 Big Reveal???

Hi guys! Any chance of seeing what Osprey Adventures has in store for us next year??? The big reveal appears to have passed it by!!!

Created on: 08/09/2015 12:51:27
Created by: AdamC
Posted on: 10/09/2015 12:17:27
Posted by: Pete @ Osprey
Osprey Adventures/Myths & Legends/Dark Osprey Reveal???

Hi guys!Early last month you said that you'd be revealing the Osprey Adventures/Myths & Legends/Dark Osprey titles for 2016. To date you've only told us about the war gaming titles you've got lined up...

Created on: 07/10/2015 12:48:41
Created by: AdamC
Posted on: 09/11/2015 18:22:03
Posted by: PAUL W
Elf Warfare Missing in Action? Created on: 14/08/2016 03:51:27
Created by: Steve_B
Posted on: 17/08/2016 01:51:07
Posted by: Steve_B
What about Undead Warfare? Created on: 15/05/2018 13:51:00
Created by: Skulhedman
Posted on: 17/05/2018 09:46:47
Posted by: Pete @ Osprey Games
August sale

August sale

Created on: 05/08/2018 19:15:30
Created by: PAUL W
Posted on: 28/08/2018 22:26:14
Posted by: PAUL W
Osprey 2021

"Battle Tactics of the American Revolution"

Created on: 24/05/2020 20:23:55
Created by: TR
Posted on: 26/05/2020 19:08:19
Posted by: TR
Issue with Purchasing Bronze, Silver and Gold Created on: 13/09/2020 19:01:56
Created by: SimonMc
Posted on: 14/09/2020 08:30:25
Posted by: Emily @ Osprey
Can't See "Related Images" Section Created on: 08/05/2021 04:25:56
Created by: JDwoody
Posted on: 12/05/2021 15:08:10
Posted by: Gavin Brown
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