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Posted by: TR "Battle Tactics of the American Revolution"
Posted on: 24/05/2020 20:23:55

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Posted by: Tarawa90
Total Posts: 89
Joined Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2012

CAMs include, Leuctra 371 BC, Dien Bien Phu 1954, Netherlands East Indies 1941-42, Quang Tri 1972, Balkans part 2, Norway 1940 Air CAM

Posted on: 25/05/2020 06:11:53
Posted by: AdamC
Total Posts: 276
Joined Date: Thursday, 22 January 2009

Here's the full list as far as I can tell excluding already known about titles and hardbacks;

Norway 1940: The Luftwaffe in the Lightning Conquest (ACM)

SAS Vehicles 1942-1991 (NVG)

Tanks of D-Day 1944 (NVG)

Big Guns in the Atlantic: Germany's Battleships and Cruisers raid the conoys 1939-42 (RAID)

Hungarian Soldier Vs Soviet Solider: Eastern Front 1941 (CBT)

British Infantryman Vs Mahdist Warrior 1884-98 (CBT)

Armies of the Iran-Iraq War 1980-88 (MAA/ELT???)

The Japanese Home Front 1937-45 (ELT???)

Battle Tactics of the American Revolution (ELT)

Late Roman Infatryman Vs Gothic Warrior: AD 376-82 (CBT)

Belgian Waffen SS 1941-45 (MAA)

Weapons of the Samurai (WPN)

Dien Bien Phu 1954 (CAM)

Netherlands East Indies 1941-42 (CAM)

Leuctra 371 BC (CAM)

Vietnam 1972: Quang Tri (CAM)

German Tanks in Normandy 1944 (NVG)

German Heavy Cruiser Vs British Heavy Cruiser 1939-42 (DUE)

Balkans (2) 1940-41: German invasion of Yugoslavia & Greece (CAM)

Ju87 Stuka Vs Royal Navy Carrier: 1940-42 (DUE)

US Navy Frigates of the Cold War (NVG)

Posted on: 26/05/2020 12:59:22
Posted by: KAL9000
Total Posts: 59
Joined Date: Sunday, 18 March 2018
Where did you find these? I tried looking on Amazon but I couldn’t see these titles
Posted on: 26/05/2020 16:02:10
Posted by: TR
Total Posts: 1
Joined Date: Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Amazon Canada took the list of books down & the list is back up on Amazon Canada.

Posted on: 26/05/2020 19:08:19

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