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Posted by: Hobbe62 Was the interim ordering process for EU a success? Or can EU customers expect a return to a more normal ordering procedure soon? Four months have passed since the EU shipping update blog post. Is anyone really working on a solution? Or is the interim ordering process the permanent solution? Nowadays the Osprey site give a slightly crippled impression with the side by side co-existence of the interim ordering process and the normal ordering procedure. The interim ordering process has not attracted me enough to lure me back into the fold again. I am still waiting for the real solution before I try to order something again.
Posted on: 03/11/2021 20:38:41

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Posted by: Hobbe62
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A site with a well constructed and slick-looking ordering process common to all customers can give us so  much more and enhance the buying experience greatly. I am often more easily inclined to return  and order more from such  a site. When the site and all the steps of the buying process is so slick and good-looking that I can admire its construction and looks it encourages me to come back for more. This solution with the time-consuming interim ordering process currantly discourages me from ordering anything.


Posted on: 03/11/2021 20:38:42
Posted by: PAUL W
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Unfortunately supply's of books are very much the tip of the iceberg due to brexit. Major problems getting some types of food and drink. Major logistic problems due to a lack of staff. Brexit was the biggest mistake my country has made and with the current bunch of incompetents in charge, it does have some stiff competition!

Posted on: 06/11/2021 18:35:22

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