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Posted by: Tarawa90
Posted on: 12/07/2021 04:52:27

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Posted by: Tarawa90
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Ok boys, here's the latest.  I'm only listing mainline series titles.

May 2022

MAA Medieval Indian Armies (1)

MAA Italian Colonial Troops 1882-1960

NVG Graf Zeppelin-class aircraft carriers

ACM The Kamikaze Campaign 1944-45 (counterpart to East China Sea)

CAM Barents Sea 1942

CAM Seige of Budapest 1944-45

RAID Operation Jericho 1944

WPN Sniping Rifles in WWI

COM Macci C202 units

June 2022

DUE F9F Panther vs. Communist AAA Korea 1950-53

CAM East African Campaign 1914-18 (Tanganyika)

CAM Leyte Gulf 1944 (2)

ACM The Oil Campaign 1944-45

NVG The Polish Navy of World War II

July 2022

NVG Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1960-75

DUE Athenian Trireme vs Persian Trireme

CAM Narvik 1940

DOG Bf 109

CBT Celtic Warrior vs Roman Legionary

August 2022

CAM? Malta 1940-42

CAM Carrhae 53 BC

CAM Corregidor 1945 (date not in line with the others, will likely be postponed again)

ACM Gothic Line 1944-45

CBT British Cavalryman vs German Cavalryman 1914

MAA The Red Army 1922-41

ELI? WAR? Gladiators 400 BC - AD 14

NVG Hawk Air Defense Missile System

DOG? F-86 Saber Korea 1950-51

Posted on: 12/07/2021 04:52:28
Posted by: BigSmoke
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Man, that sure is a lot of wwii campaigns. Interesting to see what that brings. 


Also, Malta is 90% most likely just a normal campaign. It did not show up on an air campaign search. 

Posted on: 12/07/2021 11:21:18
Posted by: Paintybeard
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Several good titles here. Especially pleased to see some WW1 books that aren't about Americans in the last 5 minutes of the fighting.

Now we just need a CAM on Caporetto.

Posted on: 12/07/2021 12:25:35
Posted by: Tarawa90
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Joined Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2012

You know they like to front load WWII titles in the first half of the year and save the cool stuff for the last four months.  Malta just has me puzzled because the siege was an Air Campaign, unless they're going to talk about all the different naval actions in the Med.

Posted on: 12/07/2021 15:29:37
Posted by: KenA
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Like you Tarawa90, my initial thought was that the Malta title would be an Air Campaign.  However, there has already been an Air Campaign book on Malta (ACM 4: “Malta 1940-42: The Axis’ Air Battle for Mediterranean Supremacy” by Ryan K Noppen (22 February 2018)).  The 2018 book focused on the Italian and German air campaigns and why they failed.

It seems to me that if the 2022 Malta book is to be an Air Campaign then it would have to focus on the Allied air defence of Malta.  Author Anthony Rogers would be well qualified to write about this seeing he grew up in Malta, has researched much of Malta’s wartime history and has written several books about it, particularly the air defence aspect.

If the 2022 Malta book is to be a CAM book embracing the whole battle for Malta (air and sea) then it would be a mammoth undertaking to incorporate in just the one book, especially when one considers the convoy battles, aircraft resupply, the submarine contribution, surface warship battles, the air battles themselves, and the contribution of the people of Malta.  Frankly, I don’t see how a single CAM book can cover adequately the whole battle for Malta.  So, I hope it is an ACM.

Posted on: 14/07/2021 02:01:31
Posted by: EDave
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Some interesting choices. I'm glad we're seeing another late war Eastern Front campaign book.

Some great WWI choices; will probably grab all of them. It's about time we got another WWI Combat book; I'm hoping more are on the way for 2023. I agree with Paintybeard in that we could use some more WWI campaign titles that aren't Western Front. (I thought a Tannenberg one won the vote last year or the year before?)

Glad we're FINALLY getting some medieval period books from an Asian perspective; and judging by the title more are on the way!

If they are bringing back the Warrior series with that Gladiator gbook, that's a good sign, since there's still a lot of potential for that series.

Posted on: 15/07/2021 02:51:34
Posted by: Gavin Brown
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Presumably we'll be getting the 'Big reveal' starting next month. In the meantime, definitely grabbing 'Barents Sea' and 'Budapest'. Good to see Angus Konstam continuing his titles on naval engagements, as well as an 1944 Eastern Front title since that year is probably the least well known in this theatre. And yes, great to see WW1 titles covering more obscure theatre of the conflict.

Posted on: 15/07/2021 12:31:21
Posted by: PAUL W
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Some really good titles here. Especially keen on the sudden increase in ww1. Although still plenty to go though! 

Posted on: 17/07/2021 21:36:44

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