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Posted by: Louie Real “What if ?” Scenarios from history.
Posted on: 01/06/2018 07:10:48

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Posted by: Louie
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Ever since I first read about the Fashoda Incident I have always wondered what a Anglo-French War at the turn of the Century would have looked like. I know Osprey has delved into Myths & Legends and Dark Osprey, but would there be a market for real life “What Ifs ?”. I was also thinking that it may find a tie in with the gaming community. A series very much like Osprey Campaign, for instance “The Fashoda Incident: The Anglo -French War of 1898-99” It would give the historical background, the opposing Armed Forces, Commanders etc. Then we could go with a chapter on how a war might have actually played out. I was also thinking of other possibilities such as: Plan 1919 Operation Prone 1989 (Cuban Invasion of SWA and SADF response) Operation Felix 1941 Any thoughts ?
Posted on: 01/06/2018 07:10:50
Posted by: Paintybeard
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Not a bad idea at all, Louie. I'd certainly buy a book based around Fashoda.

I'd suggest:  "The Trent Incident 1861" with an Anglo-French intervention in the American Civil War and "The Fall of Warsaw 1920" where the defeat of the Poles leads to a Red Army invasion of Europe. 

Posted on: 01/06/2018 08:39:17
Posted by: OspreyRich
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Something I've always wanted to do but we've never quite got there. Maybe next time...

Posted on: 04/06/2018 10:52:25
Posted by: PAUL W
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Its kinda been tried before in elite 26 tank central front NATO v Warsaw pact and bolt action op sealion, both of which are good. As long as it didn't affect the output of historical books, I'd be interested.

Posted on: 09/06/2018 19:04:18

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