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Posted by: Luernos Here are a few ideas for future works on the military history of Medieval Japan : Genpei War 1180 - 1185 (ESS) Onin War 1467 - 1477 (ESS) Ishiyama Hongan-ji War 1570 - 1580 (CAM) Tensho Iga War 1579 - 1581 (CAM) Shimabara Rebellion 1637 - 1638 (CAM) Samurai Battle Tactics 1550 - 1615 (ELI) Camp Organisation in The Samurai Warfare (ELI) "Japanese Barbarian" - Emishi And Ainu from 7th to 17th Century (WAR) Samurai vs Ninja (CBT) Samurai vs Warrior Monk (CBT) Naginata (WPN) Music Instruments in Japanese Medieval War (ELI) (Book with the CD) Kunoichi - Ninja Women (WAR) Ronin (WAR) Armies of The Japanese Peasant Revolts (MAA) Gusuku - The Kingdom of Ryukyu’s Fortresses (FOR) Chashi - Hokkaido Fortresses (FOR) Kyoto in Onin War 1467 - 1477 (FOR) Susanoo and Orochi (MYTH) Prince Okuninushi (MYTH) The Great Clans of Medieval Japan (GNM) (Takeda, Uesugi, Hojo, Oda, Shimazu…) - (History, Fief, Fortress & Castle, major Daimyo, Military Organisation, Symbols & Colours…) Oda Nobunaga (CMD) Takeda Shingen (CMD)
Posted on: 01/06/2014 10:56:00

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Posted by: Paintybeard
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I like the Campaign titles. It's a long time since we had any Japanese Campaign titles outside WW2, so I'd be very keen to get these.
Posted on: 01/06/2014 11:51:00
Posted by: .George Washington
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All of these are good ideas.
Posted on: 01/06/2014 14:24:00
Posted by: Ardashir51
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I'd like to see that 'Japanese Barbarians' book and the Command book about Oda Nobunaga,
Posted on: 01/06/2014 17:42:00
Posted by: Amaral
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The WPN and ELI have my full support.
Posted on: 01/06/2014 20:27:00
Posted by: scratchbuilder
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I like the Weapon book idea and would be happy to see it fronted by the Naginata, but I think it should cover Japanese pole arms in general. The MAA on the peasant revolt would also be welcome, as would one on the aboriginals of early Japan. The old book on Samurai Heraldry was successful and another on warrior clan colours, banners, etc; would be good.
Posted on: 02/06/2014 12:18:00
Posted by: Colin G. Upton
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Of those I would like to see Samurai Battle Tactics 1550 - 1615 (ELI), Ronin (WAR) and Armies of The Japanese Peasant Revolts (MAA). To those I would add "Armies of the Boshin War & Satsuma Rebellion" (MAA).
Posted on: 06/06/2014 21:57:00
Posted by: Saberfencer
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I think the "Samurai Battle Tactics 1550 - 1615 (ELI)" suggestion definitely has merit, It could basically cover the tactics used during all, or at least some, of the major actions of the Sengoku period (i.e. Nagashino, Kawanakajima, Okehazama, and Sekigahara). I would like to see something like that, and I think the commercial viability of such a topic has already been proven by the many other successful "Tactics" volumes in the elite series. The campaign and essential history suggestions could also be good as long as you could prove that there is enough interest in the particular topics. I'm afraid though that the 2 combat suggestions "Samurai vs Ninja (CBT)" and "Samurai vs Warrior Monk (CBT)" are not very good and belong more to the realm of fantasy or video games than to actual history. There are so many misconceptions and legends about Ninja out there that it would take me days of typing to cover them all, but suffice it to say that there simply wouldn't be enough of a difference between what someone might label a "Samurai" and a "Ninja" to make this a viable topic for the combat series. Contrary to very popular belief, it would only have been on extremely rare occasion that Ninja would have worn what has become the iconic black mask and suit that we so often see them depicted in nowadays (usually in works of fiction or fantasy, it is worth noting). Far more often they would have worn and equipped themselves with whatever was necessary to accomplish any given task. This could and did vary wildly depending on the nature of said task. The same here applies to Warrior Monks, who typically would have used weapons and fighting techniques that were virtually indistinguishable from someone that might instead be labeled a Samurai. In my mind at least, this makes both suggestions not at all ideal for the combat series. The same would also apply to the "Ronin (WAR)" suggestion. Also, and perhaps more importantly, I cannot find any known and documented instance of a group of "Samurai" actually clashing with a group of distinct "Ninja" on a battlefield. To my knowledge it did not ever happen. Ninja simply did not take to that battlefield in massed ranks and slug it out face to face with their opponents. If someone that was trained as a ninja did fight in a battle, he certainly would never have done so while standing shoulder to shoulder with other black masked comrades. The Warrior Monk suggestion is actually on firmer ground here as during the Gempei War there were many clashes between the Samurai retainers of great lords and the armed contingents of Buddhist temples that we now call Warrior Monks. Some of Oda Nobunaga's campaigns come to mind here as well. I'm still not sure that this would be enough to make it a good proposition for the combat series though. Anyway, that's my two cents on the topic.
Posted on: 06/06/2014 22:09:00
Posted by: Blood Rave
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What about adding Samurai vs Ming Soldier to that list
Posted on: 13/06/2014 17:38:00
Posted by: Pompeius Minus
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Joined Date: Tuesday, 30 April 2013
Samurai vs MIng (and Mongol vs Ming) is an excellent idea.Chinese warfare is one of the least covered major subjects in the West, and I confess to knowing next to nothing about it myself. But please enlighten me, Osprey!
Posted on: 23/09/2014 09:56:00
Posted by: Mordekai
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Yes there many good ideas, although I don't really care about the comabt and little about the myth titles. Campaigns are always goos as are command. I'm most interested in seeing a new weapon title Narginat/Japanese pole-arms, Samurai battle tactics seems like a great one and the "Great Clans of Military Japan*. (Anything in Sengoku Jidai period is a thumbs up for me and coverage of early samurai is lacking at the moment).
Posted on: 19/10/2014 16:38:00

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