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Posted by: MarkL In a previous thread, it was mentioned that a Mosquito Duel title would be welcomed but finding the right opponent was a challenge. I'd like to suggest Mosquito Vs. Coastal Shipping. The actions of the Banff Strike Wing against German coastal shipping are often overlooked and were fairly bloody. The title could look at the development of British anti-shipping activities in Europe from the high casualty attacks of 2 Group's Blenheims (which played a role in the sacking of the AOC) to the still high risk but more effective use of Beaufighters and Mosquitos. Evolving German defence tactics and armaments could also be studied. You'd get some air to air combat as well and could also work in the Mosquito Tsetse! Below is a link to a list of sorties flown by the Banff Strike Wing 1943-45:
Posted on: 06/08/2013 14:43:00

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Posted by: DAZ REICH
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Excellent idea, especially with the 57mm armed Mossie.
Posted on: 06/08/2013 15:39:00
Posted by: BobG
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I'd still like to see the Mossie up against an aerial opponent- JU88 being the most likely- but I'd buy this. If anyone hasn't read "A Separate Little War" by Andrew Bird (Grub St. 2003), I'd recommend it- an excellent history of the Banff strike wing, including a memorable incident where a Mosquito knocks down an FW190 with its Molins gun.
Posted on: 06/08/2013 18:56:00
Posted by: WickedMessenger
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It's mid summer, so I'm fighting lotsa mosquito duels myself.
Posted on: 06/08/2013 21:08:00
Posted by: Darren
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yes would go for this title,
Posted on: 08/08/2013 17:39:00

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