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Bolt Action: Sea Lion Book Signing + Giveaway

John Lambshead, will be signing copies of his new book 'Bolt Action: Sea Lion' in Rochester AND there will be a free model of Winston Churchill with each copy sold!

Created on: 16/05/2017 15:41:15
Created by: James @ Osprey
Posted on: 16/05/2017 15:41:16
Posted by: James @ Osprey
On The Seven Seas

Has anyone else tried these rules yet? I played my first game last night and have to say I was unimpressed, to put it mildly. There is so much missing that they are unplayable. For example, musket ran...

Created on: 10/10/2014 10:27:00
Created by: Big_Al
Posted on: 14/11/2014 00:41:00
Posted by: Big_Al
Some figures of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force

Scale 1/35http://www.portalfeb.com.br/modelismo-representacoes-de-cenas-em-escala-135/

Created on: 15/08/2014 03:37:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 19/01/2021 21:36:56
Posted by:
Wargaming Illustrations

I'm not a wargamer, so I don't buy any of the rulebooks but I would like to see the Osprey illustrations. Does anyone know an online gallery where they might have these?

Created on: 30/05/2014 20:13:00
Created by: tarawa90
Posted on: 04/08/2014 05:18:00
Posted by: Butters
Terror Chess

A Canadian SOF soldier created a chess game using NATO and Taliban characters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnvgWjoNBvM Some can be buyed here: http://www.hedwigandsergeantmajor.com/ordering.h...

Created on: 01/04/2014 04:22:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 01/06/2014 16:03:00
Posted by: Equaliser
Where does everybody get their miniatures?

Hi guys, I'm not really into the whole Wargaming thing, but I am interested in getting a few miniatures. What are the companies with the best selection?

Created on: 06/01/2014 01:14:00
Created by: tarawa90
Posted on: 13/02/2014 21:23:00
Posted by: Pam
Hurry up and wait! - A blog of wargaming of the Falklands War (1982)

Here's the link: http://falklandsctg317.blogspot.com.br/

Created on: 30/11/2013 02:32:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 13/04/2014 05:44:00
Posted by: Choupe
Wargame of the Indochina War

For those who like to see the figures in action: http://madpadrewargames.blogspot.com.br/2008/01/french-indochina-war-1952-skirmish-game.html

Created on: 12/10/2013 09:45:00
Created by: Amaral
Posted on: 19/01/2021 21:36:56
Posted by:
Change Of Status!

Could the name of this section be changed to: "MODELLING AND WARGAMING FORUM" It is very much under used and including all wargame topics in this section will help to average things up. Also it will t...

Created on: 06/09/2013 17:55:00
Created by: scratchbuilder
Posted on: 02/10/2013 22:29:00
Posted by: Olmstead
1/16th Scale Figures!

Is there anybody else out there who models 1/16th scale figures? I am currently working on the Mini Art Samurai. You can get a decent figure out of a Mini Art kit, but it takes work! While they do...

Created on: 24/07/2013 11:52:00
Created by: scratchbuilder
Posted on: 27/09/2013 16:59:00
Posted by: scratchbuilder
German Camouflage Uniforms of WWII.

I have suggested a two volume set in the Elite series entitled: German Camouflage Uniforms and Helmet Covers of WWII. Part One, Heer and Luftwaffe. Part Two, The Waffen SS. I am fortunate to ...

Created on: 14/07/2013 11:58:00
Created by: scratchbuilder
Posted on: 15/07/2013 09:15:00
Posted by: scratchbuilder
Conical Shapes As Wargaming Bell Tents

Does anyone know of a hobby supplier of plastic shapes, including conical, that could represent bell tents in a 1/72 scale Zulu War 1879 wargame scenario ?

Created on: 06/02/2013 22:42:00
Created by: Equaliser
Posted on: 09/04/2013 12:54:00
Posted by: Basti
How To Build A 1/72 Scale Wild West Town Buildings

I'd like a book on How To construct buildings/accessories of a wild west town for gunfighter skirmish games.

Created on: 06/02/2013 22:38:00
Created by: Equaliser
Posted on: 28/11/2013 01:03:00
Posted by: Diamondback Six
Alamo Model For 1/72 Figures

I'd like to see a book showing how to build a model of the Alamo for 1/72 scale wargaming, as there doesn't appear to be any models of it available to buy. I'm a fairly practical person, who could, if...

Created on: 06/02/2013 22:28:00
Created by: Equaliser
Posted on: 31/12/2013 21:54:00
Posted by: Equaliser
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