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Posted by: mrhistory2 if anyone has heard of the hostage taking and raid in Algeria when terrorists stormed a power plant in Algeria and took a bunch of people hostage? the terrorists killed a lot of them and the Algerian special forces stormed where the hostages were and killed a lot of terrorists and freed the remaining hostages, this is history in the making! maybe someday we could see a raid title on it.
Posted on: 23/01/2013 16:31:00

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Posted by: MTG
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I'd be surprised if people have not heard of what's been happening but then I'm used to British media which so far as I'm aware tends to cover foreign affairs in more depth than US news. At least that's the impression I got from watching news in hotels when I visit the US.
Posted on: 23/01/2013 19:45:00
Posted by: WickedMessenger
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Of course we've heared about it! British PM Cameron even canceled a speech he was about to do in Holland because of this. But so far NO ONE except the Algerian government seems to know what's going on exactly. The have a "hey, this is our country, don't interfere!" attitude.
Posted on: 23/01/2013 21:17:00
Posted by: tarawa90
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In the U.S. it's getting some amount of coverage, but people just don't care. That's the thing about the U.S. Even in this age of globalization we still are isolationists at heart. As for making a raid title, two words: TOO SOON!
Posted on: 23/01/2013 21:31:00

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