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Posted by: KAL9000 Hi all, judging by the listings on Amazon Canada, we can assume that Osprey is going to do a three-part series of Battle of Stalingrad campaign titles, written by none other than Robert Forczyk. Do you all think they should do the same for Operation Bagration?
Posted on: 13/06/2020 21:06:43

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Posted by: KAL9000
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The Stalingrad titles would effectively be a hugely expanded/updated rerelease of the old CAM 187 Stalingrad title. Does anyone hope Osprey could do the same for the CAM 47 Operation Bagration title? I think I mentioned this in another thread, but I was thinking that they could do a three-parter along these lines:

Operation Bagration (1): Vitebsk to the Baltics, covering the northern axis of the offensive under Vasilevsky (First Baltic and Third Belorussian fronts)


Operation Bagration (2): Minsk to Warsaw, covering the southern axis of the offensive under Zhukov (Second and First Belorussian fronts)

Operation Bagration (3): Lvov-Sandomierz, covering the actions of Konev's First Ukrainian Front in Western Ukraine/Eastern Poland

What do you all think?



Posted on: 13/06/2020 21:06:44
Posted by: JohnVK
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That would certainly be awesome and I would purchase those in a Heartbeat!


Posted on: 14/06/2020 20:33:56
Posted by: Paintybeard
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While I don't doubt  that Dr Forczyk will do an excellent job of these books, I hope he will continue to cover the many lesser-known Eastern Front battles like the up-coming "Velikiye Luki" title. However I expect the greater public familiarity with battles such as Bagration means that these subjects are always likely to get revisited. 

Posted on: 15/06/2020 15:53:52
Posted by: Schutztruppe
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I would absolutely like to see this three-parter. Especially if it is written by Robert Forczyk.

Posted on: 16/06/2020 15:56:35
Posted by: KAL9000
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I really appreciate all of the replies, everyone. I want to say that if there is a possibility for a rerelease but Mr. Forczyk is too busy with the Stalingrad titles, I wouldn't mind if Zaloga returned to write some or all of the titles. He did well in CAM 047--for me the main attraction of a rerelease would be expanded content by making it multi-volume, and sweet, sweet updated 3D BEV maps using the latest graphics. 

As for less covered Eastern Front Battles, Ive always wanted a Dnieper-Carpathian Offensive title/titles

Posted on: 23/06/2020 23:01:19
Posted by: PAUL W
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Both sound good to me. The expanded series and the not so well known titles.

Posted on: 08/07/2020 17:03:03

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