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Posted by: Paintybeard Your thoughts on the new series, please
Posted on: 01/09/2017 13:53:17

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Posted by: Paintybeard
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 Like several other forum members who have contributed recently, I'm not really convinced that the upcoming series "Air Campaign" is one of Ospreys best ideas. Likewise todays blog of the monthly voting list of titles haven't really sparked my interest. But let's not rush to judgement. What titles do other readers think would be interesting, fit the format and be worth buying? Here are three suggestions that I fancy:

 Barbarossa: As we all know, the Luftwaffe inflict massive damage to the Red Air Force in the openning days of this campaign and have pretty much total control of the skies for the rest of the year. But the Russian forces continue to fight and, despite continued high losses, are never driven from the battle entirely. I would like a book to explore why the Germans fail to completely obliterate the Russians and examine whether the 'planes and aircrew lost during the Battle of Britain might have tipped the balance.

RAF in Iraq in 1920's: The British inherited a mandate to control Iraq at the end of WW1. As resources were very short it was decided to achieve control of the (understandably) rebelious local inhabitants by the use of air power. I would be very interested in a book that explored how this was carried out and to what degree it was effective.

 Berlin Airlift 1949: Stalin closes rail and road links to Berlin in the hope that the Western Powers will recognise that they cannot sustain their portions of the city and allow him to take control. The Allies respond with probably the longest and largest sustained use of supply by air ever. This stops the population from freezing or staving. Eventually Stalin relents, but this is the start of the Cold War. Well worth a book!

 Please add to this list so that Osprey can give us some non-predictable books to look forward to.




Posted on: 01/09/2017 13:53:18
Posted by: Railok
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I remember sending in an e-mail almost a year ago to the Air Campaign mail with a suggestion, but I never heard back from Osprey about it. Guess they didn't like it. Maybe any of you will?

Inspired by the debate quite a while ago amongst defence experts about the feasibility of defeating an insurgency from the air (in this case ISIS), my mind was pulled back to the 1930s and the air campaign in Nicaragua 1927-1933 as carried out by the United States Marine Corps Aviation. Latin American topics have grown in popularity in the last few years and the so-called Banana Wars have remained an enigma for many readers. Since this topic involves not only an air campaign in an unknown war, but also the USMC and the use of air power to combat insurgents, it is of high relevancy to current day affairs while remaining a different yet interesting choice to publish a book about. Very much like RAF's campaign in Iraq, this topic asks interesting questions about post-WWI aviation and the innovative strategies used to counter new types of warfare.

Posted on: 01/09/2017 21:48:44
Posted by: Tarawa90
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Nicaragua, now that's a war you definitely don't hear much about.  It would be an interesting topic but I doubt they could wring a campaign book out of it.  As for the other options, surely Schweinfurt and Ploesti are on the radar, they're the two most famous bomber raids of the whole war.  Even though it's a bit recent I bet the air component of Desert Storm would be worthy of a title too.

Posted on: 02/09/2017 02:44:38
Posted by: SPuitH
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Hi Gents,


As most Air Campaigns seem to be WW2 and Vietnam related (while the poll hints at WWI and the Falklands as well), my suggestions would be the following:



After the Iraqi invasion of Iran, the Islamic Replublic of Iran's Air Force (IRIAF) dusted off the plans its predecessor, the IIAF had in place to counter a possible invasion of Iran. During the first six months the IRIAF attacked and destroyed the Iraqi Oil Infrastructure and also completed a counter-air campaign (including a daring strike on the H-3 complex in Western Iraq) until the spring of 1981, when the Iranian Military realized that this conflict was a war of attriction. With no military hardware coming in to replace losses of its air force, the IRIAF went defensive.



After the Iraqi Army was pushed back onto own territory, the Iraqi Air Force was used to strike at Iranian Oil Exporting Infrastructure. These include the large Khark Island complex, as well as numerous Oil Platforms and (Super) Tankers bringing Iranian Oil out of the Persian Gulf. Starting 1984 a campaign was launched that was concluded only when the war ended in 1988.



When it was realized that the UK would contest the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands/Malvinas, the FAA (Argentinian Air Force) and CANA (Argentinian Naval Air Force) launches a campaign to strike and sink British vessels and (once landed) British troops. From antiquated Canberra to modern Super Etendards, Argentinian pilots made the lives of British sailors, soldiers and Marines on those vessels very difficult.

Could keep on going... but this is a start.


Kind regards,


Posted on: 02/09/2017 03:43:32
Posted by: GI Gene
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I have to say Paintybeard that "RAF in Iraq in 1920's" is an inspired choice. How the RAF policed the Middle East from the air is usually forgotten between the world wars.

My three suggestions would be:

The Ho Chi Minh Trail-
How American airpower used technology and tactics to cut the flow of communist supplies into South Vietnam. This air campaign only increased between Operation Rolling Thunder and Linebacker.

The No Fly Zones over Iraq 1991-2003- It had its share of bombing raids like Operation Desert Fox and a few dogfights before Iraq was invaded.

Operation Odyssey Dawn- Libya 2011- NATO airpower helps topple Muammar Gaddafi.

Posted on: 06/09/2017 02:38:08
Posted by: PAUL W
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Hi, some really good titles already suggested, especially like (in no particular order ) mig alley korea, Iraq 1920, Berlin airlift and Falklands.  How about something a little earlier though, bloody April 1917? Looking at the new format for the serries it looks like it would fit and would be something a little bit different. The opportunities for the artwork would also be immense. 

Posted on: 06/09/2017 09:46:16
Posted by: AdamC
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Despite my resivations about this series (why not just do them as normal Campaigns!?) there have been some great titles suggested already folks. I love the sound of the Berlin Air Lift (having just got back from my stag do at the Berlin Beer Festival it's especially topical, lol!), RAF in Iraq in the 1920s and the Falklands anti-shipping campaign. I'd also like to throw into the ring;

RAF Independent Air Force Bombing 1918

A title looking into the early days of RAF strategic bombing.

Baedeker Blitz 1942

The German campaign to try and destroy Britain's cultural heritage by bombing well known historical tourist spots.

Japanese Air Raids on Australia 1942-43

The series of raids carried out by the IJNAF and JAAF against northern Australia and the allied respoinse - Spitfires down under anybody???

Kosovo 1999

A look at NATO's first war (essentially a massive air campaign) and the successes and failures of pursuing a solely aerial strategy.


Posted on: 07/09/2017 13:17:22

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