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Book artwork glitch?

Why is ALL the artwork brought up?

Created on: 16/07/2017 03:29:14
Created by: BigD
Posted on: 23/07/2017 21:28:26
Posted by: SimonMc
July Poll and June Results Created on: 03/07/2017 20:24:02
Created by: GI Gene
Posted on: 04/07/2017 11:23:30
Posted by: Robert @ Osprey
X-Planes 4 Vanished Again!

X-Planes 4 Vanished Again!

Created on: 30/06/2017 13:14:20
Created by: AdamC
Posted on: 05/07/2017 12:47:47
Posted by: AdamC
Missing medals

Hi fellow osprey fans, I saw this on the news and then Hugh Grant put up a reward. Thought it worth posting just in case somebody hears something.

Created on: 24/06/2017 21:01:17
Created by: PAUL W
Posted on: 24/06/2017 21:01:18
Posted by: PAUL W
New Book on French Maginot turrets

Whilst I think a title on French turrets on the Maginot Line is an interesting title I would read I'm surprised it is an NVG title and not a fortress title? I know that NVG have covered artillery in t...

Created on: 02/06/2017 21:08:31
Created by: MTG
Posted on: 24/06/2017 20:45:44
Posted by: PAUL W
RIP Sir Alistair Horne


Created on: 26/05/2017 22:39:24
Created by: Paintybeard
Posted on: 30/05/2017 19:35:21
Posted by: achim
‘Warship 2017’ has just been released by Bloomsbury Created on: 19/05/2017 16:22:35
Created by: KenA
Posted on: 19/05/2017 16:22:36
Posted by: KenA
Who invented the modern mortar?

Is Elite 214 accurate?

Created on: 18/05/2017 13:04:07
Created by: Paintybeard
Posted on: 20/05/2017 02:38:49
Posted by: Paintybeard
Availability of Duel "Panzer 38(t) vs BT-7 in pdf? Created on: 27/04/2017 19:57:22
Created by: Griffon
Posted on: 02/05/2017 14:08:33
Posted by: Griffon
Just call me stupid...

Where is the Easter sale?

Created on: 14/04/2017 14:14:34
Created by: Paintybeard
Posted on: 15/04/2017 15:22:48
Posted by: Paintybeard
New books revealed

New books revealed on amazon

Created on: 11/04/2017 07:10:11
Created by: Carl(Sweden)
Posted on: 14/04/2017 08:33:55
Posted by: Paintybeard
March Book Vote Results

Can we have the breakdown of March's book vote results please?

Created on: 10/04/2017 08:55:09
Created by: AdamC
Posted on: 14/04/2017 18:56:44
Posted by: PAUL W
PDF eBook Requests

Requesting more PDF versions...the more the merrier!

Created on: 30/03/2017 23:34:52
Created by: FrostyCollects
Posted on: 11/04/2017 14:27:12
Posted by: Paintybeard
Browning pistols

What do people think about a Weapons title on Browning pistols?

Created on: 29/03/2017 07:47:09
Created by: MTG
Posted on: 05/04/2017 17:13:20
Posted by: Neil Grant
Cover Issues

Covers reverting to the old temporary designs.

Created on: 24/03/2017 13:17:38
Created by: AdamC
Posted on: 24/03/2017 18:03:11
Posted by: Tarawa90
Three books still not ready in Ebook format Created on: 23/03/2017 12:32:21
Created by: Kazuaki Shimazaki
Posted on: 23/04/2017 09:45:13
Posted by: Kazuaki Shimazaki
new dutch book

80 years war - Very good interview and looking forward to buying the book. Tried to order it today (23/03/17) but not getting the MAA discount. Terms say discount not available on pre-orders but it's ...

Created on: 23/03/2017 12:29:40
Created by: PAUL W
Posted on: 30/03/2017 19:00:43
Posted by: PAUL W
Update on Members Artwork

Is there any update on as and when Osprey are going to upload artwork into the Members area from recent releases? For example Zama Campaign and Gladius Book?Paying x ammount per month and not getting ...

Created on: 22/03/2017 23:34:28
Created by: SimonMc
Posted on: 29/03/2017 07:40:39
Posted by: MTG
Missing X-Planes

New X-Planes titles aren't making it to the X-Planes page.

Created on: 10/03/2017 12:15:47
Created by: AdamC
Posted on: 10/03/2017 16:08:31
Posted by: James @ Osprey
Monthly sale? Created on: 26/02/2017 21:45:37
Created by: Fulcrum83
Posted on: 27/02/2017 17:25:42
Posted by: Fulcrum83
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