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Posted by: Dekiman I would like to see a book about First Serbian uprising against Ottoman empire 1804-1813.
Serbian army consist mostly peasants and menage to defeat Turkish army in many battles:
Batocina ,Loznica ,Misar ,Deligrad. In every battle Serbian were outnumbered by the Turkish forces but menaged to defeat them.
In battle of Cokesina 303 Serbian soldiers menaged to halt advance of 7000 srtrong Turkish army and prevent them to aid city of Sabac .Sabac was under siege by Serbian forces.They died to the last so battle of Cokesina is known as Serbian Termopille.
Uprising was lead by Djordje Petrovic Karadjordje trader from Sumadija.
There is a legend about him : when Napoleon asked his generals who is greatest general in the world they answered him :You are. but he said no. I have you ,my generals ,infantry,artillery and calvary. In Balkan there is man who only have peasants .
And he menaged to defeat Turkish armies so many times. He is greatest general in the world.
Serbian army used cannons made of cherry wood.There is some that are suvived to the present days.

Posted on: 26/10/2014 10:13:00

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Posted by: .George Washington
Total Posts: 164
Joined Date: Friday, 21 June 2013
Yes, the Serbian Uprising is worth a book. Why not Greek War of Independence as well?
Posted on: 26/10/2014 14:23:00
Posted by: hale99
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Joined Date: Monday, 30 August 2010
Great suggestions for two MAA books. Must buy for me:)
Posted on: 26/10/2014 19:12:00
Posted by: Listowel-Boy
Total Posts: 5
Joined Date: Friday, 5 November 2010
I too would like to see the Serbian uprisings covered, and indeed some in-depth coverage of the 19th century Balkans in general, especially the various exotically-costumed haiduks, klephts and assorted insurgents of the region.
Posted on: 30/10/2014 18:39:00
Posted by: paul will
Total Posts: 307
Joined Date: Sunday, 4 January 2015
two good suggestions for me
Posted on: 15/11/2014 13:04:00

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