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Posted by: Atkinson
Posted on: 24/02/2021 16:57:45

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Posted by: Atkinson
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Do you have any update on European delivery?
Are we going to miss out on the sale


Any timelines?
Posted on: 24/02/2021 16:57:48
Posted by: Tomi
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I like to see an publisher respond for this question ?


Posted on: 25/02/2021 10:53:43
Posted by: Minal @ Osprey
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Hi Atkinson and Tomi


We are working on getting this resolved as a priority and will update the website as soon as we have more information.  However we can still provide eBooks as these do not involve shipping - I hope this helps.

We apologise for the delay and for any inconvenience caused.



Minal @ Osprey

Posted on: 25/02/2021 11:06:33
Posted by: JohnVK
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No, Minal. I'm sorry, but being able to purchase mediocre quality eBooks isn't really offsetting my paid for subscription.
In fact, the only way I will be purchasing any more of those PDF eBooks is if they are at a very steep discount, like combined with the current SALE and 25% combination discount with paper books. Otherwise, nah, no way.

Really, I think you are pretty much the last shop in the entire UK to get this worked out. It really isn't rocket science.
And all those "a lot of moving parts involved" you all keep mentioning all the time, probably need a serious amount of lubrication. You know, so they can start moving and doing what they are supposed to be doing.

I have a strong feeling we (the EU members) aren't going to be getting any March Sale benefits.
You do realize we are paying customers, right? By means of our subscriptions. We have paid two months now, without any way to benefit from it. And no, those eBooks obviously don't count.

Anyway, I have pretty much written everything you need to know to get this shipping issue worked out in my other posts and direct emails. But it seems no one is reading that or actually cares at all. I don't know why I even still bother... In fact, I'll do us all a favor and I will stop trying to help anyone out. I guess I am merely annoying everyone. My apologies.

Ah well.

p.s. you may consider this a rhetorical question/post. I'm not actually expecting any answers.
Posted on: 27/02/2021 23:38:35
Posted by: Minal @ Osprey
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Hi JohnVK,


We are very sorry about the silence regarding shipping to the EU and membership. We have posted an update about this here:


Minal @ Osprey

Posted on: 02/03/2021 16:07:08
Posted by: PAUL W
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John, unfortunately due to the disaster that is brexit, it is happening both ways. I buy quite a few military dvds from Europe and have  found the prices having gone through the roof, or not willing to sell to the UK or in one French companies case selling them but not sending them.

Posted on: 20/03/2021 18:01:38

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