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Posted by: mrhistory2 The Sioux are without doubt one of the most important Indian tribes. they are best known for the wars they fought with the Americans. they,however,fought other tribes. the Santee Sioux lived in Minnesota,while the Teton lived on the praries. not long ago,I made a post about Indians fighting each other,which was positive. the Sioux in Minnesota fought the Fox and Chippewa or Ojibwe. in 1750,the Chippewa expelled the Sioux from Northeastern Minnesota after their victory at the 3 day battle of Kathio. in 1795,they wpied out 700 SIoux at the battle of the Horsefly. in 1806,they fought each other again at the battle of Mole Lake. the largest battle was in October 1842 with a Sioux war party at the battle at the Brule. the Teton Sioux moved out onto the Plains from other Powerful tribes like the Chippewa and Cree. they crushed the Arikara in 1792 and quickly became powerful. In 1765,they discoverd the Black Hills,which they drove the Kiowa out of. in 1776,they pushed out the Cheyenne. they had wars with the Shoshone,Crow,Blackfeet,Cree-Assiboine,Comanche,Otoe,Ponca,Omaha,and Pawnee,with the last battle against the Pawnee at Massacre Canyon in 1873. in 1854,they first fought the Americans at the Grattan massacre and the battle of Ash hollow. the uprising of 1862 and the following campaigns in the Daokta territory certainly deserve a campaign book. then there is the Powder River expedition of 1865. Red Cloud's war of 1866-68 would be good. Custer engaged them at Honsiger Bluff in 1873. 3 years later there was the Black Hills war of 1876-77,also known as the Great Sioux war.,which involved Little Bighorn. in 1890 there was the Ghost Dance war including the infamous Wounded Knee massacre. there must be some way to cram this all into one book!
Posted on: 10/01/2013 21:31:00

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Posted by: mrhistory2
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I think the Sioux also fought the Mandan.
Posted on: 11/01/2013 01:02:00

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