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Posted by: xeneize2 Communist Vietnamese in 1972 launch major attack that leads America to withdraw their soldiers.
Needs a book now!!
Posted on: 24/07/2014 03:54:00

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Posted by: Amaral
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I don't think the attack led to the withdrawal of US soldiers, xeneise. The NVA did not expect to fight the US land forces, only the ARVN. But I do support a book on this battle. The ARVN proved the South Vietnamese were capable and willing to fight. This can be described as the biggest single victory of the Capitalist West in the Indochina Wars.
Posted on: 24/07/2014 11:21:00
Posted by: Railok
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The United States had already begun withdrawing soldiers by 1972 (and were almost finished by this time). Nonetheless, a great battle which can be used to analyze how well the ARVN fought under fire and the mistakes that the NVA committed.
Posted on: 24/07/2014 14:33:00
Posted by: wardog
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It didn't end the war, but it did lay the groundwork for the final NVA victory. Only US airpower staved off defeat. Once Nixon resigned, South Vietnam was dead meat.
Posted on: 24/07/2014 18:34:00
Posted by: Amaral
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The Americans like to say that, wardog. Since WWII the air forces want to believe and make everyone believe that air power alone can win wars. The Air Generals of WWII got embarassed when their so claimed destruction of German and Japanese capacities in WWII turned out to be far, far less than they believed. In Korea the air generals promissed to cut the Communist supply lines and also failed miserably. The excuse was that Korea was a different type of war (sure...). In Vietnam the American air power was so inneficient the American generals and civilian technicians start to make numbers out of thin air to "prove" they were doing something. Air power is very useful in tactical situations and has prove itself to be a waste of money for anything else. The battles raged in cities rarely profit from air power, and they were the norm in 1972. The American air effort did help the ARVN, but it was a contribution far smaller than what the Americans are quick to claim. As General Abrams said, "I doubt the fabric of this thing could have been held together without US air, but the thing that had to happen before that is the Vietnamese, some numbers of them, had to stand and fight. If they do not do that, ten times the air we've got wouldn't have stopped them [NVA]."
Posted on: 24/07/2014 23:35:00
Posted by: xeneize
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Why xeneize2????.....yo soy el xeneize original.
Posted on: 25/07/2014 04:56:00
Posted by: Mr-History
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Oh yes X this would be a good book.
Posted on: 26/07/2014 04:45:00
Posted by: Pompeius Minus
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Air power certainly had its problems and limitations in Vietnam, but both the defeat of the Easter Offensive and Operation Linebacker in 1972 were huge successes.

They are also notable for the premiere of air-launched TOWs and the first large-scale use of PGMs, so a lot of interesting material from an aerial perspective.
Posted on: 17/12/2014 11:38:00

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