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Posted by: Icterio This is the first osprey book that fails to convince me completely. It feels like a "copy & paste" assembly of different sources and articles, and when mixed together generates confusion, repetition and, worst of all, total contradiction at times. I hope that some of the readers of this forum have read this book to confirm or rebuke my remarks. For example, in page 13 and again on page 24 refers to the La-5 "introducing fuselage pressurisation", which canĀ“t be right. At page 19, thats not a 190A-6... The A-6 has outer MG151 cannons (long barrel) and in the upper view we can clearly see the short barrel MG FFs. In page 27 the ammo load data is all messed up! The MG FF wing cannons dont carry 140 rounds (that's the load of the outer MG 151 in the A-6 and subsequent variants), the correct load is a 60 round drum each. The A-5 MG 17 cowling guns dont feed from a 475 rounds box (thats the load of the MG 131 from the A-7/8 onwards...), the correct load is a 900-1000 rounds... This is basic stuff to any enthusiast worth is salt. The orders of battle and losses is very confusing and strange. In p36, regarding the battle of Kursk, it says the Luftwaffe lost 2419 aircraft in July-August alone. But in the previous page it is stated that the force commited to the battle was 2100+ aircraft!! Page 44 - Battle for Berlin "Luftwaffe concentrate the bulk of of is combat aviation, 2000 aircraft around the city...", and then a few words after, "...during this battle the Luftwaffe lost 4500 aircraft...". What?? 4500 aircraft? Page 43... This is a story I have read before, maybe a apocryphal one. Last days of the war, Courland pocket evacuation. Fw 190 escape to the West with ground crew tucked inside the cockpit with the pilot, in the back in the radio compartment and in the rear fuselage. Ok. But carrying 2 persons in the wings(one each) ammo bays?!! How can a person fit inside a ammo box in the wing of a fighter? I dont know if the translation of some russian articles could be the source of some of this problems, but after a few of this "pearls" I start to loose confidence in the reading.
Posted on: 15/07/2013 00:12:00

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Posted by: DAZ REICH
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That don't sound too good, I think I will be giving that one a miss until its sorted which is a shame.
Posted on: 15/07/2013 14:30:00
Posted by: sam@osprey
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Hi Icterio, Thank you very much for your feedback, and sorry to hear the book wasn't to your liking. I've passed your concerns onto our editorial team, who'll be answering your query soon. All the best
Posted on: 15/07/2013 16:33:00
Posted by: Icterio
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Overall I liked the book Mr. Sam. maybe its just some minor "gremlins" running around...
Posted on: 15/07/2013 21:25:00

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