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Posted by: Paintybeard This is what I have been hoping for
Posted on: 21/12/2017 21:21:32

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Posted by: Paintybeard
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In various other posts I have moaned that most "Combat" titles are missing a golden opportunity in that they rarely explain how their subjects progress between the battles that are described. Well I'm very happy to say that this isn't the case in Combat No.26 "Boer Guerilla vs British Mounted Infantry". In fact Mr Knight provides what I think is a textbook example of how this series should be presented.

 As with other book in the series the first couple of chapters cover the origins, organisation and weaponry of each side. We then move on to a description of three encounters between these armies. To date most writers just give us a set of "snapshots" of the respective forces in battle. But on this ocassion Mr Knight gives us three chapters of a continuous narrative. He shows us how and why each side CHANGES, either to correct earlier mistakes, exploit enemy weaknesses or simply (in the case of the Boers,) because they are runnning out of rescources. And this is reinforced in the "Analysis" chapter that reiterates how each side adapted over a 20 year period. This all makes for a much more interesting and coherent book than most of the others in this series that I have read.

Well worth buying if you have an interest in the period.

Posted on: 21/12/2017 21:21:33
Posted by: PAUL W
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Thanks for the review painty. I've got this title but have yet to read it.  What I like about the combat books is that some of them feature battles or engagements that wouldn't get into a campaign book.

Posted on: 28/12/2017 13:37:57

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