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Posted by: achim
Posted on: 12/11/2015 17:41:21

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Posted by: achim
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Yes, I know, I am kinda' late with this short review.....

I ordered the Book when it was published, got it in good time, but was then travelling a month and had time until now to read it!

I was very sceptical, as not very much is actually known of this Battle! I really expected soemthing akin to "Boudicca's Rebellion", or "the conquest of Saxony"..., but no, I have to hand it to Simon Mc Dowall!! He made the best out of the Topic that he possibly could!

He warns repeatedly that much of his Text is conjecture (and quite rightly so...) and that there are other Opinions! This is specially true when trying to find the Battle Site! Simon is very convincing, making his case!
The Battle Narrative is shorter then usual, and gets to the few points where we know more orless what happened..., and he tries valiantly to fill in the Gap's...., as logical as can be done!

If one accepts the limitations imposed on the Author by the Sources existing on the Campaign, this is surely THUMPS UP!        

Posted on: 12/11/2015 17:41:22
Posted by: PAUL W
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Thanks for that Achim, I have been thinking of gettiung it for a while but wasn't sure, mainly for the reasons you alluded in your review, however after reading your comments, I'm ordering it now. Cheers Paul

Posted on: 12/11/2015 18:26:30

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