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Posted by: .George Washington I enjoyed the Jewish Revolt AD 66-74 and was wondering why not a CAMPAIGN title from Osprey on the 167-160 BC Jewish revolt against the Greek Seleucids? It involved many battles and the color plates would be good, with some battles fought during the revolt against the Romans. comments and suggestions please.
Posted on: 29/12/2013 05:11:00

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Posted by: achim
Total Posts: 40
Joined Date: Wednesday, 11 September 2013
Well, yes, with the Maccabee revolt and their posterior Campaigns as High Priests and Kings, Osprey could sureley do at least a nice Essential History Book! If we venture to some guesswork on how and where certain skirmishes and battles were fought, maybe even a Campaign Book would be possible! . George Washington...., sorry but can you clarify your last half sentence for me please? "Some battles fought during the revolt against the Romans"?? . Maccabees and Romans had only diplomatic contact with each other! Neither did they fight against each other, nor did they ever combine in coalition to fight others (the Seleukids for instance)! . When Pompeius Magnus came to Palestine, the Maccabee Dynasty was already finished...
Posted on: 29/12/2013 17:28:00
Posted by: .George Washington
Total Posts: 164
Joined Date: Friday, 21 June 2013
I was referring to the battles fought during the Maccabees revolt that were at the same location the ones were fought against the Romans during the great revolt of AD 70.
Posted on: 30/12/2013 03:11:00
Posted by: wardog
Total Posts: 3
Joined Date: Thursday, 14 July 2011
Yes, the Maccabean revolt played a major role in Jewish history, but also helped in the cause of monotheism. People rising up to defend their right to have one GOD instead of many. Religious liberty was at stake. It definitely should have a book.
Posted on: 30/12/2013 19:48:00
Posted by: scratchbuilder
Total Posts: 51
Joined Date: Saturday, 6 July 2013
Bronze age Egypt has been quite well covered by Osprey in MAA, but the biblical period, the cities of the plain, Solomons empire, the rise and fall of the Macabee's; to name only a few of the highlights, is one of Ospreys black holes. These periods have been extensively excavated and information is available upon which MAA's could be based. Suggestions from other readers please.
Posted on: 01/01/2014 12:41:00
Posted by: Amaral
Total Posts: 200
Joined Date: Friday, 8 March 2013
I support your suggestion, scratchbuilder. But the problem with the Ancient series is that it falls from military history and lands in military archeology, but I always liked archeology so it gets going to me, which is nice...
Posted on: 05/01/2014 06:59:00

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