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Posted by: Tarawa90
Posted on: 20/09/2019 01:26:33

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Posted by: Tarawa90
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Hello everyone.

A while back I posted several lists for Osprey suggestions.  I've decided to repost the Campaign list, edited to include new suggestions as well as deletions of the several titles over the last two years that have been released or confirmed as coming in the near future.  Note that today we found out one of the Mexican War campaign suggestions is in the works, though we don't know which one.



Ionian Revolt 499-493 B.C.

Mantinea 418 B.C.

Aegospotami/Fall of Athens 405 B.C.

Xenophon’s Ten Thousand 401-399 B.C.

Leuctra 371 B.C.

Tyre 332 B.C.

Gaugamela 331 B.C.

Hydaspses 326 B.C.

Heraclea & Asculum 280-279 B.C.

Syracuse 214-12 B.C.

Maccabean Revolt 167-60 B.C.

Carthage 149-46 B.C.

Cimbrian War 113-101 B.C.

Carrhae 53 BC

Alexandria 47 B.C.

Cremona 69 AD

Red Cliffs 208 A.D.

Ctesiphon and Samarra 363 A.D.

Vandalic War AD 533-34

Reconquest of Rome AD 535-540

The Great Heathen War 865-878 A.D.

Maldon 991 A.D.

Clontarf 1014

Dhyrrachium 1181

Bouvines 1214

The Fifth Crusade 1217-1221

Zappolino (The Bucket War) 1325

Sluys 1340

Kosovo 1389

Varna 1444

La Rochelle 1627-28

Breitenfeld 1631

Shimabara Rebellion 1637-38

Pontiac’s War 1763

Cape St. Vincent 1797

Rivoli 1797

Egypt 1798-1801

Copenhagen 1801

Aboukir Bay 1801

Bailen 1808

Barrosa 1811

Albuera 1811

Queenston Heights 1812

Navarino 1827

Black Hawk War 1832

Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma 1846

Monterrey and Buena Vista 1846-47

Mexico City 1847

Rome 1848

Pea Ridge & Wilson’s Creek 1861-62

Forts Henry and Donnellson 1862

Glorietta Pass 1862

Stones River 1862-63

Cold Harbor 1864

Mobile Bay 1864

Charleston 1861-65

Lissa 1866

Boshin War 1868-69

Sedan 1869

Paris 1869-70

Manila 1898

Mukden 1905

Loos 1915

Tanganyika 1914-18

Brusilov Offensive 1916

Caporetto 1917

Ankara 1921

Cape Gloucester 1944

New Guinea 1944

Gothic Line 1944-45

Chosin Reservoir 1950

Hue 1968

Gulf War 1991

Sarajevo 1992-96

Fallujha 2004

Posted on: 20/09/2019 01:26:34
Posted by: AdamC
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Hi Tarawa90,

That's an extensive list. I can't possibly comment on them all but there are some great suggestions there.

I was pleased to hear that a Mexican-American War title is in the works too - I suspect it'll be Mexico City 1847. That's fine with me as it fills a big gap in Osprey's 19th century coverage. If I had to pick a selection I'd go for Leuctra 371 B.C. Hydaspses 326 B.C., Syracuse 214-12 B.C., Red Cliffs 208 A.D., Varna 1444, Breitenfeld 1631, Rivoli 1797, Egypt 1798-1801, Barrosa 1811, Albuera 1811, Queenston Heights 1812, Navarino 1827, Stones River 1862-63, Cold Harbor 1864, Mobile Bay 1864, Charleston 1861-65, Loos 1915, Brusilov Offensive 1916, Caporetto 1917, Gothic Line 1944-45 and Gulf War 1991.

I'd add to your list: Raphia 217 BC, The Dacian Wars 101-106, The Standard 1138, Mohi 1241, Liegnitz 1241, Mansura 1250, Orsha 1514, Mohacs 1526, Vienna 1529, Pinkie Cleugh 1547, Yellow Ford 1598, Nordlingen 1634, Worcester 1651, Sedgemoor 1685, Killiecrankie 1689, Oudenarde 1708, Minden 1759, Quiberon Bay 1759, Fleurus 1794, The Holland Expedition 1799, Eylau 1807, Friedland 1807, Six Days Campaign 1814, Second Anglo-Sikh War 1848-49, Corinth 1862, Red River 1864, Koniggratz 1866, Red Cloud’s War 1866-68, 2nd Afghan War 1878-80, Tannenberg 1914, 2nd Ypres 1915, Kut 1915-16, Gaza 1917, 3rd Ypres 1917, Operation Silver Fox 1941, Cape Matapan 1941, Syria 1941, Burma 1941-42, Budapest 1944-45, Arab-Israeli War 1948-49, The Hook 1952-53, Dien Bien Phu 1954, Suez 1956, Ap Bac 1963, Operation Starlite 1965, Operation Apache Snow/Hamburger Hill 1969, Cambodia 1970 and the Easter Offensive 1972.  

While there are some great suggestions on your list there are also a few that I’m not sure are viable unfortunately due to the complete lack of detailed sources. That's not to say they aren’t great stories and important Campaigns but you'd just have no chance doing 3D maps etc. A good example of this is Alexandria 47 BC.  


Posted on: 20/09/2019 13:17:45
Posted by: GI Gene
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Interesting lists guys.

For a Glorietta Pass 1862 title I hope it would also include Valverde and Picacho Pass.

With regards to Gulf War 1991 I think it would work better if it was divided into two volumes so it would have the room to cover the US Marine advance into Kuwait and the US Army left hook into Iraq.

Along with Syria 1941 I would like to see

Khalkhin Gol 1939

East Africa 1940-41

Madagascar 1942

Ichi-Go Offensive in China 1944

Manchuria 1945

Posted on: 20/09/2019 18:56:44
Posted by: Paintybeard
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Gosh, we do love lists! Congratulations to all of you for letting Osprey remember that there are plenty of books we still want to see. I too am please to see that a long-awaited title on the Mexican War is on the way. I hope that Osprey will resist the temptation to try and cram the entire war into one book, but concentrate on one battle (Vera Cruz?) instead.

Plenty of suggextions in everybodys list that I second, especially Baylen, Mukden and Konnigratz.


I'll just add Maida(1806), Siege of Lucknow (1857) and Nivelle Offensive (1917).

Posted on: 21/09/2019 04:48:33
Posted by: Tarawa90
Total Posts: 85
Joined Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Yes we do love lists!  I can't believe I forgot about Mohacs, Lucknow, and 2nd Afghan War.  I didn't bother with Tannenburg because it's so requested they know we want it, ditto my perennial request for Lake Erie 1813.  I'm aware of the situation concerning photos and Dien Bien Phu.  Some of these (Gothic Line in particular) were in recent books votes.  Glorietta Pass I would envision as encompassing the entire New Mexico campaign.  Likewise the suggestion for Alexandria (there was plenty of extra fighting), which I'm sure would go over well being a Roman title featuring Caesar and Cleopatra.  More than anything, this is a way to suggest stuff for them to be able to get away from WWII.  As much as we love books on it, it's not a bottomless pit.  This past year had a fantastic selection ranging all over the spectrum and I'd like to see that continue.  In particular I put a heavy focus on ancient Greek titles because there's a ton that happens in Greece that doesn't get much coverage compared to Rome.  Syracuse you could probably sell just with the subtitle "Archimedes builds his death ray."  Also, I threw in Clontarf because the massive drought in Irish topics, an oddity considering it's an English speaking market.

Posted on: 21/09/2019 05:07:18
Posted by: Minal @ Osprey
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Hi all,


Thank you for your comments. I have passed this on to our editorial team.



Minal @ Osprey

Posted on: 24/09/2019 12:11:18
Posted by: PAUL W
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Ji, just seen the lists, some great titles there guys, particularly like the ancient, Napoleonic,  victorian and first world war titles.

Posted on: 02/11/2019 14:51:57

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