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Posted by: .George Washington Right, after a week ban I have returned to make one more post, possibly the only one of this week. Over that time I was straining my brain to look for a sensible subject for Osprey to comprehend doing. I wanted something out of my normal grazing areas, and after reading The Pueblo Revolt: The secret rebellion that drove the Spaniards out of the Southwest, I realized the perfect book: The Pueblo Revolt of 1680. It is not terribly obscure but deserves much more knowledge. Some people call it the first American Revolution, and it was one of the largest Native Uprisings in North America, and possibly the largest of the 17th century and if it is succeeded by anything I would say King Philip's War, which also would make a fine CAM title. I know the Pueblos were covered a little bit in the MAA on Native Americans of the Southwest, but have been neglected in the favor of the Apaches and Aztecs, which seem to be Osprey favorites. The Pueblos were seemingly peaceful but rose against the Spanish in 1680, in which they killed about 400 and drove them out of New Mexico, being independent return of the Spanish and their defeat in 1692. I truly believe it needs a book and could possibly make it to the publisher. I for one would be delighted to see it. What about all of you?
Posted on: 24/02/2014 20:34:00

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Posted by: WickedMessenger
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Better still, make it a "Spanish Wars in the West". The Pueblo Revolt set a lot of horses free, which made the Plains Indian culture possible. A fascinating piece of history, but a bit overlooked, because Americans tend to focus on their own Indian wars. A book like this would also include the buffalo-horned Comanche opposing the Spanish. Plenty to illustrate there!
Posted on: 25/02/2014 16:44:00
Posted by: achim
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I like the subject, but not the Format! There were no large scale Battles a CAM Book could cover, the only real "Battle" was inside the town square of Sta. Fe! Noneed for extensive maps or even a 3D Overview.... .. .. But I agree, this would make a very nice MAA, covering Pueblo Dress in greater detail then the MAA on Southwestern Indians does, and also the diffrent Spanish Unforms and Spanish/Mexican Settler Dress!
Posted on: 24/02/2014 22:39:00
Posted by: .George Washington
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A little fix to my post: Being independent until the return of the Spanish in 1692. Just wanted to clarify that mistake, although I wish the site would let you edit the posts after submitting them.
Posted on: 24/02/2014 20:37:00

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