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Viewing Topic "At last Zama!!!!!"
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Posted by: xeneize Osprey is considering Zama, perhaps the next year we will have a book , long overdue topic!!!
Posted on: 02/06/2013 01:23:00

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Posted by: sassan
Total Posts: 4
Joined Date: Friday, 17 February 2012
Good news a diserved title!The other good news is a title called Imperial Roman guardsman-concerning various guard units from 27BC to 325AD :-)
Posted on: 02/06/2013 18:38:00
Posted by: sassan
Total Posts: 4
Joined Date: Friday, 17 February 2012
Well in fact 62BC-324AD:http://www.amazon.com/Roman-Guardsman-BC-AD-324-Warrior/dp/1782009256
Posted on: 02/06/2013 18:41:00
Posted by: 1781
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Joined Date: Thursday, 9 July 2020
After this,give the Punic wars a break. LOL,when ever I think of this war,I always think pubic.
Posted on: 02/06/2013 23:21:00
Posted by: Osprey_GP
Total Posts: 8
Joined Date: Thursday, 11 August 2011
So it looks like the thread on this previous blog was pointing to the trilogy of Waterloo titles for the anniversary in 2015 all along. The other title in the frame was Zama, but seeing the book vote this month it looks as though its only now being considered. http://www.ospreypublishing.com/blog/future_publishing_plans_how_osprey_plan_books/#comments
Posted on: 03/06/2013 00:50:00
Posted by: tarawa90
Total Posts: 88
Joined Date: Wednesday, 8 August 2012
Wish it wasn't going up against Tsushima, hopefully we'll get both of them. Gaugamela and the rest of Alexander's battles will get the treatment eventually, and Las Navas De Tolosa would be cool (probably years off though). I have no desire to see Ramillies clogging up a spot.
Posted on: 03/06/2013 03:24:00
Posted by: mdaniels
Total Posts: 36
Joined Date: Monday, 14 May 2012
- If you remember, when someone guessed Zama plus Waterloo x3 for 2015, the reply was that one of these was wrong. Guess we now no which one - so presumably 2015 will give is either The Metaurus 207BC or the siege of Carthage. - tarawa90: what is
Posted on: 03/06/2013 13:11:00
Posted by: FJ-1973
Total Posts: 7
Joined Date: Tuesday, 4 September 2012
mdaniels: If they have Zama as book vote now, they probably don´t have any persons writing it now. And it takes some time to write a book (and someone to make the artwork), so I don´t think it will be finished for 2015. But it is hard to vote between five books that I all wanted to read!
Posted on: 03/06/2013 18:24:00
Posted by: Paintybeard
Total Posts: 371
Joined Date: Monday, 4 February 2013
I'm right behind you mdaniels, high time we had another non-US 18th century title. On the subject of the book vote, I seem to have an uncanny knack of always voting for the third favourite...
Posted on: 03/06/2013 19:39:00
Posted by: Neil Grant
Total Posts: 13
Joined Date: Friday, 27 March 2015
FJ - it's still just about possible for osprey to hit 2015 with a book that hasn't been started or even been agreed with an author yet. For example, the weapon series I'm working on at the moment got the green light last month, and is (I believe) scheduled for publication in March 2015. My guess is that they've recieved proposals from authors for those books, but haven't gone any further. (Note that I'm not saying they will hit 2015, merely that it is possible for them to do so)
Posted on: 03/06/2013 23:01:00

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